Helping a psychic medium friend create a mission statement

Emailing with a psychic medium friend helping him create a mission statement:  “Mission statements: I have mine shortened so far to:   To establish 3 facts:

  1. That we are all connected.
  2. That we participate in creation of the reality we experience (by our intentions, beliefs, expectations, thoughts and words.)
  3. That we survive in consciousness after the change called death (and to comprehend this, we promote the practice of daily separation of consciousness from the body via meditation.)

Your statement – as a psychic medium – might be something like:   

My mission is to demonstrate that life continues after the death experience and it is possible to communicate with your loved ones in the Spirit World.

I like to use phrases like “the death experience” instead of just “death”, since I want folks to start thinking of it as just another experience they will have someday… after which they will continue to have even more experiences.  So they can “get it” that everyone they love is just on the other side of the door, in the other room.  So they can also “get it” that everyone goes on forever, so if there’s someone they need to forgive or seek forgiveness from, do it now so you can get on with your happy life.  Because once they do the forgiveness work, they are free from the burden that binds them in this world, always in the areas of money and relationship.

And in your work with clients, you help them discover what blockages there are and what forgivenesses there are to be given.  You don’t just tell their fortunes, you help them dig themselves of the hole of their life and pull them up into the sunshine.  When you take a look at yourself in the bright reflection of the sun, you can see more clearly than ever before.  You don’t tell people what to change in their life.  You shine the light on them so they can see their own areas and you help them identify what is lacking and what is desired.  You teach them how to think about it, like re-framing their past for them, so they can look back on it as the lessons learned and not the sadness and loneliness and unhappiness they thought they lived.

You help them track their journey up and down the vibratory scale, you take their details and teach to recognize them as the signposts they are, letting them know they are on the right path, or need to make a course correction.  You teach them to pray about it, that prayers are definitely answered, and you teach them how to pray effectively; the difference between asking for the good to come into your life rather than praying for the bad to go away. Teaching them to re-language their prayers and thoughts and words to reflect their focus is on the sunny side, so that all they attract to them is sunny and of the light.

Oh gosh, did I wrap your slogan up in that last sentence?  Imagine that! But it’s true part of your mission is to help people keep on the sunny side.”

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