Michelle Whitedove and anagramming our names

An email with the publicist for new columnist Michelle Whitedove who wrote that people like us are “ always burning the midnight candle.  I keep telling myself I need to be more balanced…have more of a social life.  But it seems everything I get evolved with is work related.  I guess that’s when you know that you are on the right path…its not really work when you LOVE what you do!” I replied:  “Yes, you’re right, it’s all related and it’s not really work.  I feel blessed to live the life I live.  It may look as though I don’t have much of a social life, but I have such a rich inner life and behind-the-scenes life that I’m totallly fulfilled yet eager for more.  Every few years I try to have a boyfriend.  I’m glad to get one and glad to part.  I like mega time alone, partners tend to tire of that quickly 🙂   Most of the people I talk to are publicists and publishers, authors and speakers – I ghost for several writers and I love those gigs.  They fit my 12th house so well.  So most of my ‘friends” are those others who, like us, are behind the scenes, tending to our strands of the web.  I think it so brave when someone “real” like Whitedove jumps right into the fray of the public eye and says “I am real and there is hope for humanity.  You are more powerful than you ever imagined.”  I applaud her courage.   

Michelle’s name anagramed says
I am the vehicle, lowed
oh well I’m the device
voice well hid the me
I’m the love child ewe

* I love that last one.  I have the sheep totem as well: Sheep totem teaches balance, confidence, a sense of togetherness and community, serenity.  Sheep instills a sense of protection and peace of mind.

Andrea deMichaelis (my real name) anagramed spells:
Nice airhead damsel
A shielded American
I’m a deadline chaser
Heal in sacred media
Has nice, ideal dream
I’m a sacred headline

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