When you name call, you lose your argument

Lisa Braun Dubbels writes and I agree: “I wholeheartedly disagree with almost everything this administration does and says, but I am really committed to not using dehumanizing language in discussing any of it. It’s easy to default to namecalling and it’s more important now than ever that we don’t. It lowers your discourse and your vibration in the world. It loses an argument for you before you even begin. We have to move conversation into a less destructive space. It’s exhausting.”

I’m always interested in someone else’s opinion on something that is important to them, but you NEVER have to name call someone else in comparison. Talking about what an asshole someone is isn’t adding anything productive and it’s taking precious time from the actual issues. Already there are so many mocking and shaming memes that everyone is tired of them, few read anything on the topic at all because of it. Stick to the issues. Better yet, if you’re that ticked, get off the topic altogether, spend time with loved ones in nature. That’ll fix a lot of what ails you.

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