When my Android keyboard switches to that little keyboard

That key is usually the MICROPHONE key EXCEPT in Google search on my Android.

I’ve got this thing I do on my phone sometimes without meaning to. I just discovered what causes it. When I go to use the microphone key in Google search, sometimes it turns into a “switch keyboard” key that I don’t see before touching it. Then my keyboard turns into a real small one. I usually notice it in Facebook. But I have to get out of FB to fix it.

I first see it when I go to comment in FaceBook. This weird little keyboard comes up instead of my regular keyboard. I remember in the lower left at some site I saw some kind of little keyboard looking symbol I wondered what would happen if I pushed it. What happened was it switched to the small keyboard, after which there was no little symbol in the lower right any more to return to the old keyboard.  I FINALLY KNOW HOW TO GET BACK TO THE OLD KEYBOARD!   

I found the fix to the keyboard

I had to get out of FaceBook to do it. I went to Google and went to type in a search word. When the keyboard came up, on the lower left to the right of the SYM symbol where the microphone usually is, the special keyboard icon appeared in its place. When you touch that it changes keyboards. So the mistake I made was when I touched it thinking it was going to be the microphone it had already switched before my finger touched it