Vitamin D helps me with the spidey sense

I wrote before that in October, I began taking a Vitamin D supplement dosage of 400 IU three times a day for a month after hearing the symptoms for Vitamin D deficiency included low energy, fatigue, crankiness.  I was more low energy than cranky, but figured I might need it.  The blood test results for my “Vitamin D, 25 hydroxy” score was low at 28. And that was after taking it three times a day for a month before the test! It says the optimum level is 30-80 ng/mL.  In December I doubled my dosage after reading more about it, and am now taking two 400 IU tabs three times a day, after eating.  That’s 2400 IU.  People with higher rates of vitamin D in their blood have lower rates of disease and lower death rate, wind up with fewer bone fractures and fewer falls.  I can’t remember when I last had a cold, and my bones are strong.  

One added benefit I’ve noticed from taking 2400 IU of vitamin D every day is that several times in the past several weeks, I’ve suddenly become aware that the person I was doing a reading for was deficient in vitamin D.  It was one of the first things I noticed psychically.  I suggested they get their blood tested and then Google “vitamin D deficiency” if they were and educate themselves.

Of course, I know that it’s likely just my added attention and focus on the topic of vitamin D that is drawing forth the vitamin D guidance.  It’s interesting how that works; that merely focusing on a topic will start attracting information about it to me.  To us.

Kind of like asking the universe: “I want to know more about (fill in the blank.)  I want to be directed to websites and people that give me unbiased and accurate information.  My intention is to live a happy and healthy life and I welcome guidance in making my way in that direction.

I spend a few moments thinking that thought each day for whatever topic I’m currently interested in.  It’s the easiest way to pre-pave attacting helpful information and making your search easier and more fruitful.  What would you like to attract next?

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