The March 2021 Horizons is now online and here are the horoscopes

March 2021

The mag is now online at March 2021 Horizons
WE DECIDED TO MIX IT UP FOR 2021. We get a lot of questions, so beginning this month, we’ve added two new monthly Q & A’s: Crone’s Council and Ask Delphine. Email them your questions and see them answered here. 
Jim Egan is letting me run his series on How to Recognize Magical Beings. “Magic is easy!,” Jim says and I agree, “Just change your perspective, and poof, the whole world has been transformed.” Sharron Britton of High Springs Emporium will each month give the magical and healing properties of rocks and minerals. Debra Strasser lists the Celebrations of the Ancestors in many traditions and religions around the world and also shares tips on Gardening The Medicine Way with planting diagrams this month! She’s my go-to chick for intel on veg and herbal medicinals.  What these writers all have in common are they look at the world in a little different way than most, so they see the magic and potential and balance in it all. And because that’s what they’re looking for, they find it. Here are the horoscopes:

Aries – (March 19 – April 18)
Sweet introspection and the taking of personal power! The Sun in Pisces until the 20th and Venus in the same sign until the 2nd favors your inner life and softens your emotional life, if necessary. You could oscillate between saying things with brute frankness or quieting things down with pure modesty. Your planet, Mars, in Gemini from the 5th, boosts your personality. Your leadership qualities and fighting spirit are increased! Venus is in your sign on the 22nd, your charisma is powerful while Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius favor your projects and your friendships. An eye on your income is asked by Uranus in Taurus, its effects are unpredictable, first decan. From the 21st, the Sun enters your home, your light shines!

An unusual sentimental shyness to your intimate personality may require you to review your tender cards! Venus in Pisces until the 21st and Mars in Gemini from the 5th, offer an emotional tension that you will have to work with! Your ardent desires and the expression of your feelings play hide-and-seek. Wait until the 22nd to enjoy love with a capital L.

Your temper all fire all flame, will be patient until the 21st. You are reserved or silent, your partner could imagine the worst, but reassure them! Then, passion consumes you as of the 22nd, you are everything to your relationship and all for your mutual love. On the program, strong desires and lively, demonstrative feelings, you are happy!

Mars allows you to exceed yourself and you are capable of modifying your emotional life! Your social melting pot will be your source of predilection from which you could find a brand new love! Do not confuse dynamism and haste if you want to hold the object of your conquest in your arms.

Taurus – (April 19 – May 19)
Projects and friends are your strong points of the month as well as a nice evolution! Until the 20th, the Sun in Pisces warms all your desires, whether they are friendly or constructive. Venus, your planet, also in Pisces until the 21st, announces a beautiful complicity with the people who count, you are popular! Uranus in your constellation starts a new chapter of your life, innovative and unpredictable, first decan. Mars after the 4th in Gemini asks you to monitor your bank account, and not to be excessive. Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury all in Aquarius reign over your socio-professional sector, at the end: a beautiful, slow evolution that you will need to accompany, for the whole sign. Your ideal of life continues to moult, third decan. From the 21st, the Sun returns to Aries joined by Venus and invites you to an introspection.

Your legendary fondness has all the leisure to express itself until the 21st, Venus in the sign of water even favors your romanticism. On the other hand, Mars in Gemini comes to remind you not to mix love stories with financial affairs! After the 22nd, the beautiful escapes you, your feelings are powerful but internalized.

IN A RELATIONSHIP: Beautiful exchanges are likely, celestial energies boost your good mood especially from the 16th to the 31st while your feelings inspire caresses and sweet exchanges at least until the 21zt, your other half will appreciate your physical availability but perhaps less your mind which is focused on your wealth: take confidence in yourself and in the other!

SINGLE: Your social circle is a gold mine for you until the 21st, seize your luck without further delay! Your quiet nature may regret the insolent opportunities this month offers if you delay expressing your desires! Your sentimental mood is more reserved after the 22nd, a word to the wise!

Gemini – (May 20 – June 19)
A superb energy and a focus on your socio-professional destiny! The Sun in Pisces until the 20th accompanied by Venus until the 21st in your career sector, invites you to put in value and to dare! Mercury, your planet, until the 15th in Aquarius and Jupiter and Saturn well connected to your sign, promote your ideal of life and your evolution, and they trigger beneficial changes! After the 16th, your planet enters Pisces and announces many contacts and other socio-professional negotiations that are a little delicate, so stay focused. First decan, Uranus initiates existential questions in you or causes unexpected events, open your eyes! From the 21st, the Sun in Aries as well as Venus from the 22nd, illuminate your social sector, you are surrounded, supported, loved. The end of the month is very pleasant!

LOVE IN GENERAL: From the 4th, Mars totally boosts your desires, in your constellation your sensual energy is at its height! Venus is very favorable to you from the 22nd, passion could fall on you before the end of the month. From the 1st to 21st, you are uncomfortable with the emotional climate of the moment, your feelings are cold or focused on your profession.

A beautiful complicity unites you thanks to Mercury until March 15th, Mars assures a passionate libido all fire all flame for you, which is able to revive the oldest couples while Venus from the 22nd gives you desires for common outings, you bite into life together, wholeheartedly!

SINGLE: Driven by the strength of Mars for most of the month, you will have the heart to make a beautiful, emotional meeting and the sky will help you especially after the 21st. Your friendly approach at first glance could facilitate your contacts, while Venus endows you with a devastating charm. Believe in yourself!

Cancer – (June 20 – July 21)
Dreams of travel and your socio-professional destiny! Until the 20th, the Sun in Pisces supported by Venus, brings to your ideal of life desires that are also powerful! You who are usually attached to your home, could dream of change of scenery or quirky meetings. The energies in Aquarius, Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn boost your inner life and your carnal desires, your outlook on life is changing. Uranus as a harmonic sign facilitates the meeting of new friendships or renews this sector as well as the emergence of innovative projects, first decan. Mars in Gemini from the 4th you breathe an energy that is a bit secretive, rather than cerebral and impractical. Your private sector always receives Pluto, what do you want to regenerate, last decan? On the 22nd, the Sun and Venus in Aries favor your profession and your life in a general way.

LOVE IN GENERAL: Pluto always imposes questions about your love life, how far have you got? Venus in a sign of water until the 21st brings peace to your heart, you feel your partner with precision and delicacy! Your desires are secretive and sometimes difficult to express. After the 20th, your sensual energy is more daring and benefits your intimate relationship.

IN A RELATIONSHIP: Until the 21st, sweetness and harmonious feelings give you the well-being to which you aspire to together. You build projects related to your common heritage, unless it is your sensuality that opens to a point of innovation! Beyond that the energies of Aries shakes up your outer life and you refocus on your essentials.

SINGLE: This month is not particularly conducive to a meeting unless you belong to the last decan. However, during a trip you could cross the path of a person as sweet as you and live a winter romance, unless your social circle surprises you. Go out!

Leo – (July 22 – August 21)
Introspection and the importance of others! The monthly energies of the Sun in Pisces until the 20th and from Venus to the 21st and also from Neptune awaken your relationship to money or your sensuality, which is at the center of your thoughts. Mercury until the 15th, Jupiter and Saturn all month in Aquarius, brings to light your intimate or associative partner: listen to the other, it will be primordial! The sector of the profession or social life receives Uranus and could announce reversals of unexpected situations, stay open. As for your energy, no chance to miss it, Mars in Gemini as of the 5th, boosts your morale, your physical energy and your friendly desires. From the 21st, your personality warms up, activates and regains a taste for passion!

Your feelings are strong but a bit overwhelming, you like to control the situation but the energies until the 21st do not allow it. On the other hand, your sensuality pushes you to seduce and to put yourself in the spotlight, libido in full form! After the 22nd, Venus in Aries befits you like a glove and your love life regains its colors!

In order to preserve your conjugal complicity take into account the opinion of your other half especially until the 15th, then, your feelings are passionate but you destabilize and can create disagreements of feelings between you. Things are going well after the 22nd. Your libido on the other hand is without a false note, your score is perfect!

Your dating opportunities are high especially before the 15th and after the 22nd. Your seduction wins the vote among your friends, a person that you did not pay attention to until now could charm you suddenly. Communication will play an important role, take care of your intimate approaches.

Virgo – (Aug 22 – Sept 21)
A beautiful cluster in Pisces faces your sign, the Sun until the 20th, Mercury from the 16th to the 31st, Venus until the 21st and Neptune all month, promotes your intimate relationship and announces repercussions in events beyond this month! Others inspire you, your mind goes out of your comfort zone and thinks about the future. The sector of work is touched by powerful energies, Jupiter and Saturn install a bit of a serious climate but one that is very constructive for your professional development. Mars in Gemini from the 5th, in your sector related to your socio-professional destiny, boosts your ambition and your dynamism but can cause some clashes with your hierarchy, stay flexible. From the 21st, the energies of Aries invite you to reflect on your life.

Your love life is definitely favored at least until the 21st, the Sun and Venus in an area of your life attached to your intimate life, announce it. Mercury, your planet, in Pisces from the 16th to the 31st, facilitates your intimate exchanges while Mars connects your desires to more intellectual satisfactions than sensual ones. Live your feelings deeply for once!

It rolls until the 21st! Your other half wants to seduce you and make your heart vibrate, an objective that is reached during the month! Then, your feelings become more intense from the 22nd, maybe a bit of doubt could tarnish your complicity? Your sensitive communication helps to keep your conjugal agreement.

From the last decan, a passionate meeting could fall on you! For others, your chances of meeting your special someone are concentrated before the 21st, open your eyes either in your daily life or in your professional circle. Your morale is tender from the 16th, your words are a hit!

Libra – (Sept 22 – Oct 21)
Your daily life is in the spotlight and you share beautifully with others! The Sun in Pisces until the 20th supported by Venus until the 21st, facilitates your employment, and your daily routine while Mercury in Aquarius gives you a harmonious morale favoring your emotional exchanges. A little tension in the home is possible, last decan, take a breather! Mars in Gemini, from the 5th, in good aspect to your constellation gives an impulse to your ideal of life and a strong energy. Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius modifies your way of loving and your relationship with your children harmoniously and for a long time, if you are a parent. Uranus announces a change in your relationship to money as well as a particular openness to your conception of life, first decan. From the 21st, the spouse or partner takes their place in front of you, balance?

You live love easily this month. Venus is in Pisces until the 21st and breathes softness and tenderness into your daily routine while Mars boosts your libido frankly. Your balance-loving personality should appreciate the presence of Venus in Aries after the 22nd: sentimental ardor that you will have at heart and in the body to share! Your relationship will be important and love will be essential!

You will avoid clashes within your couple, take a step back from your respective families. The energies of Pisces soften your daily life, you are relaxed, an accomplice of your half. Your partner takes their place from the 21st, listen to them, they may have things to tell you!

From the 5th, Mars moves you to action with dynamism and ease of communication in your relationships. You attract people who may be younger than you, or from a different culture. Your feelings are powerful especially after the 22nd, love at first sight or a predestined meeting?

Scorpio – (Oct 22 – Nov 20)
Love and intensity! This month promises to be very sentimental for your sign, a cluster in Pisces, the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Neptune in the heart of your business sector speaks for itself! Your soul will vibrate to the extent of your personality and its harmonious monthly energies. Until the 15th, Mercury square to your sign, hinders your exchanges, avoid explosive words. Your planet Pluto, still in Capricorn, promotes your morale while Mars in Gemini as early as the 5th, boosts your sex appeal! You will need to watch your home, Jupiter and Saturn can complicate your family relationships, stay zen. Great turmoil in perspective, Uranus facing your sign, your partner or spouse changes your relationship, first decan. Finally, the energies of Aries from the 21st to the 31st boost your daily life, energy and know-how!

Love is the focus of the month with beautiful prospects to live! Your passionate nature should appreciate these harmonic celestial impulses, you are charismatic, sensual and romantic! Whether you are accompanied or not, love and its wonders await you, are you ready? Mars in Gemini from May 5th to 31st could trigger an introspection in keeping with your inner personality. Carpe Diem !

It is likely that the beautiful monthly energies of love allow your couple a complicity and harmony in everyday life. Until the 21st, there is a sweetness of life together and from the 22nd, you are very successful at work, enough to continue to please your other half. A nice month!

This somewhat mixed month, between winter and spring, resonates very well with your intimate personality. Your chances of seduction are very high and you are able to permanently change your emotional status. Take care of your communication, do not test others, embody love as you know how to do it and be ready!

Sagittarius – (Nov 21– Dec 20)
Focus on your home, your roots and love! A planetary cluster in Pisces, the Sun until the 20th, Mercury from the 16th to the 31st, Venus until the 21st, and Neptune all month, boosts your family life, benign clashes or misunderstandings are possible, stay optimistic. Your professional life receives Uranus in Taurus, the unforeseen is coming, adapt yourself, first decan. Until the 15th, Mercury in Aquarius accompanied by Jupiter and Saturn all month, assures you an outstanding morale, nice friendships, and mental initiatives are welcomed, an important evolution of your close circle of relations. Mars, facing your sign from the 5th to the 31st, signifies increased importance of you spouse or partner, otherness will be important this month. From the 22nd, the Sun and Venus in Aries enliven your love sector under the best auspices!

LOVE IN GENERAL: Love softens your family life until the 21st, you express your feelings with a bit of clumsiness but with sincerity. Your intimate nature awakens with energies more in tune with your own as of the 22nd, Venus in Aries mean you are well! All fire all flame, you overflow with love! Be sure to control your sensual impulses, so that they remain unifying.

IN A RELATIONSHIP: Leave aside family affairs that could complicate your complicity especially after the 16th and return to your relationship with ease. Under the influence of Mars in Gemini and Venus in Aries from the 22nd, your libido escalates but your possibilities for disagreement do as well. Refocus!

SINGLE: Your chances of coming across your soulmate are powerful from the 21st, unless during a small trip you meet someone! The spousal sector is energized all month, if there is a meeting, it could be perennial. Watch out for your communication, after the 16th, your feelings will be blurry. Caution.

Capricorn – (Dec 21 – Jan 19)
An excellent relationship and a focus on your wealth! The Sun in Pisces accompanied by Venus, Mercury and Neptune acts on your morale, your intellectual capacities and your relationship by promoting these sectors harmoniously! The sphere of work is dynamic, act without haste. A cluster in Aquarius of Mercury until the 15th and Jupiter and Saturn all month, makes you worry about the money you receive from work, between evolution and structuring, play it balanced. Pluto always in your constellation acts on a plane of subtle consciousness in you, let yourself be, last decan. Your creative and emotional sector receives in beautiful aspect to Uranus and its thunders, unforeseen changes on the horizon, first decan. From the 21st, the Sun in Aries and Venus pamper your home or animate things a little too much to your liking?

You are serene and available until the 20th, your tender and calm behavior could be sought. A healthy libido animates you all month while the idea of a love at first sight amuses you! After the 22nd, passionate energies, a little excessive for your nature, shake up your home or your serenity.

Until the 22nd, your relationship works like a charm, complicity and tenderness summarize your daily life. Beautiful exchanges complete this harmony, together you find the desire to go out and meet long standing friends. A common hobby could further increase your complicity. After the 23rd, its family first!

Look at the professional or everyday sphere, these two universes are likely to favor a romantic encounter, unless a neighborhood relationship, hitherto platonic, takes a more sentimental turn. Demanding and tenacious, especially last decan, the energies offer it to you but it will be up to you!

Aquarius – (Jan 20 – Feb 17)
Finances are on the program and relationships are favored! Your sector related to the income from your job is boosted until the 21st, a raise? Unless you discover a hidden talent that you plan to unveil? Last decan, you will soon end a long conversation with yourself, what lessons do you keep? Mars in Gemini powerfully facilitates your hopes as a lover or creator, it’s a nice month for artists! In your sign, there is both heavy and good: Mercury until the 15th and Jupiter and Saturn all month, allow you all the audacities, you are communicative, ambitious and structured to engage your creative forces in the long term! From the 22nd, the energies of Aries add to these opportunities provided by the sky, your social life and your morale are outstanding!

LOVE IN GENERAL: Until the 20th, your most intimate thoughts are turned to your wealth and you reroute some emotional contingencies a little! However, everything that touches your heart resumes the path of opportunity from the 22nd! Indeed, Venus in Aries and Mars in Gemini increase your chances of romance. Love hits hard from the 22nd to the 31st.

The monthly energies are quite neutral regarding your couple until the 22nd even if a torrid sensuality facilitates your conjugal complicity. From the 22nd on the other hand, your mutual feelings are reactivated, you are more in love than ever! Love and desire play, for you both, a beautiful score!

Your desire to meet someone will be intense! Weary of celibacy, Mars gives you a beating energy all month long! In your sign until the 15th Mercury gives you a timely oral skill while Venus from the 22nd settles in your relationship sector. It’s your turn to play!

Pisces – (Feb 18 – March 18)
Highlight your personality and focus on your wealth! A planetary cluster in your sign of the Sun until the 20th, Mercury from the 16th to the 31st, Venus until the 21st and Neptune throughout the month, boosts your charisma, your beauty, and your picturesque and atypical personality! Mars square to your sign titillates your family relationships and home life, keep your cool. Mercury in Aquarius until the 15th, accompanied by Jupiter and Saturn, invites you to a preparatory introspection for great achievements, you gain in pragmatism! Your friends are important, Pluto does the sorting and leaves you only the quintessential friendships, last decan while Uranus brings new things! From the 21st, the Sun and Venus in Aries illuminate your sector related to your money, a raise or a gift?

You radiate love until the 21st and your intimate, hyper emotional personality is doing very well! Sweetness, tenderness, empathy, you embody these qualities and your presence is soothing. Mars in Gemini in disharmony to your sign announces a fluctuation of your desires. Then from the 21st, a fiery climate jostles you a little but you adapt so well!

Your married life is announced under beautiful auspices, complicity and mutual sensuality until the 20th, leave family aside a little and refocus on your love, your feelings and what is essential! After the 21st, give yourself gifts or save money for a project that is important to you!

Your external light could be worth many tributes to you, without forgetting your ease of communication especially after the 16th and Uranus, in beautiful aspect, could favor a meeting as unexpected as original. You will need to watch you dynamism a bit but the eagerness will serve you. You know how to swim, it’s up to you to play!