Temps are dropping!

These chairs were untouched when Hurricane Irma passed over

84f degrees but only 68% humidity so it feels nice out there, a light breeze, no mosquitoes. I cut some of the giant pothos that’s hanging down around the west woods path to the fire pit, otherwise it turns into a wall that blocks the breeze. You can see a few strands of it to the left here but the leaves at that stage are very small, they grow to the size of a Thanksgiving platter. I find it interesting that before hurricane Irma I had forgotten to pick up these four plastic chairs from the fire pit area. Yet they were absolutely untouched. This was taken the day after Hurricane Irma. Not even a lot of debris on the ground. My Turk’s cap bushes all still had red flowers on when neighbors just blocks away did not even have leaves left on their bushes. It was as though the storm completely skipped my property. I can’t wait for the temp to drop just a little bit more and to cook sweet potatoes in the fire pit and sit out there in the cool night air.

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