Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius Nov 17 thru Dec 8, 2018

Nov 17 thru December 8th in Sag and Scorpio. Mercury Retrograde is NOT a good time to start new things, but is a good time to go back over things, to revisit the past, question your actions and motives moving forward. A good time to dig into your soul and work out how you are communicating with yourself, with others, and the world. See here…/mercury-retrograde-horoscopes-…/ for HOROSCOPES FOR MERCURY RETROGRADE IN SAGITTARIUS AND SCORPIO 2018. As with all Mercury retrograde transits, you can expect miscommunications, setbacks, and mishaps; as well as unresolved issues coming back to haunt you one more time (yikes). Read more to discover just how the Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius may unfold for you.