Ma Yoga Shakti on Consciousness

Mataji pg 92 in Karl Benzing book Awareness Ctr of Being“All people are blessed.  It is God Himself who takes birth in a physical form.  If we turn our gaze towards God, divine energy will possess body, mind and senses.  Purity of Heart makes the mind receptive to divine vibrations.  Wise people choose an ocean of consciousness to swim rather than to wade a pond of narrow thinking.  Consciousness picks up vibrations from the cosmos. When the mind is open, it receives more light from the cosmic existence.  If we think that the world has limited resources, it becomes very limited.  If we prepare our mind to think that the world offers unlimited resources, one learns and prepares to reach high.”  Ma Yoga Shakti

From Page 92 of Awareness – the Center of Being: A Complete Guide to Self-Awareness with Proof for the Existence of God by Karl W. Benzing