Is Bipolar The Root Of Genius?

A fave friend has been taking their new bi-polar meds Symbyax for a year now and is happy with how their moods have evened out.  They don’t get depressed and they’ve had no adverse side effects.  I miss their manic upswings though, their wild ideas, their inspirations and musings.  Their hare-brained schemes, as his wife calls them.  But while they may have been simply grandiose babblings from a clinically manic state, to my ear they sounded like messages of inspiration.  They sparked ideas which often evolved into projects that earned both of us income.  When I look back, after my friend was first diagnosed as bi-polar a couple of years ago, and think of all the ideas for projects that never materialized, I still can’t see that as being grandiose – one man’s absurd exaggeration is another mans’ actual life.  During the same time frame, I think of all the ideas for projects I have left undone.  It’s about the same, so you can’t blame it on bi-polar.  Part of the fun we have together is chatting about what might be possible to achieve between the two of us.  That’s not grandiose, it’s simply enthused pre-paving.

At Is Bipolar The Root Of Genius? Riley Hendersen asks, “it seems that as we look through history, some of the most creative people who have shared our planet have suffered from Bipolar Disorder. So does the emotional instability of Bipolar disorder bring about genius?”

I’ve known emotionally unstable people who did not display genius.
I’ve known some geniuses I considered emotionally unstable.
It’s always a balancing act, isn’t it?


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