I get 4 out of 5 in The Christmas Eve Fantasy Five drawing

Another win

Yay, I just checked my tickets and see I won $555 in the Christmas Eve Fantasy Five drawing.  I don’t spend a lot on tickets.  I buy a quick pick twice a week.  Any winnings I get from that I allow myself to buy other tickets with.  My rule is I can only play the lottery with lottery winnings.  This fills my lottery bank for 2013: a good sign!
A story of synchronicity: One afternoon I’d stopped at Circle K to buy my lotto quick pick.  The woman ahead of me bought a string of the $1 Monopoly scratch off tickets, and as soon as they were being handed to her, I said You need to buy three more. I didn’t mean to say it, I didn’t think about saying it, I just heard it when I said it.  She turned around and just looked at me like I was a loony and walked away.  I asked the clerk for 3 of the same tickets she just bought.  One paid $20, the second paid $5 and on the third I won $25.  I’d never bought those before and didn’t go in there thinking about anything other than getting my Lotto quick pick and deciding whether I wanted candy corn or not.

Years ago I began experiencing that dollars could come to me from all corners of the Universe without me having a clue where it would come from.  And I began to expect to be surprised.  I began to expect to be delighted with the ways the Universe provided me with bounty.  And I continue to be.  You can, too.  It just takes practice.  Expect a miracle.

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