I dreamt Trump sailed into the sunset

I dreamt I watched Trump sail off into the sunset. I’ve never been a boat person. Living in Florida my whole life I’ve been on boats since I was a kid and I know how to sail. But boating is not for me and the most I dream about boats is never. Anyway, there was a gathering at a dock seeing off a large white yacht. The sun was getting ready to set so there was a line of blood red ocean from the sun to the boat. The dock was a lot higher than the boat, as if the tide had gone down and so those getting on the boat had to crawl about 6 feet down a ladder then drop the final few feet to the deck of the boat. Thirteen stepped down then Trump stood at the bow facing the sun and the ship sailed into the sunset. I remember the red line of ocean lapping the bow kind of stuck to the bow and when the bow raised up on a wave, the red slowly dropped down into the sea until the next wave. It was more a honey texture than water, so it sunk slowly.

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