I attract several $800 lessons

LOL I KNOW how it works and I still get caught up in it when I’m not paying attention to how I’m vibing. In August I got irked a worker wouldn’t refund an $800 unused materials deposit. Rather than waste time going back and forth about it, I ceased contact and took it as an $800 lesson. (* See My First $800 Lesson at the end of this post.) I knew I’d attracted that outa him, thought I’d released it but it stuck in my mind. So much so that I attracted ANOTHER $800 in emergency repairs in Sept. And then ANOTHER $800 again in Oct. I had to laugh when the $800 amount came up for the 3rd time. Ok, ok, I get it. LET IT GO!  

The third time was at the home I rent to a supercool tenant. We met fortuitously 2 weeks after my last tenant left. She had a week to find a place and was willing to take it as is. I gave her a good price bcz we’d have no time for cosmetic repairs. I have a strict rental lease that prevents the landlord from being taken advantage of. It states tenant pays for ALL repairs & replacements.

Common sense tells me when to OVERRIDE that so I’ve replaced the a/c, the stove, the water heater, the fridge, the washer and dryer and paid for several plumbing and electrical visits.

Bcz (1) it’s my unit and to my advantage to keep it up and
(2) I try not to be a dick. I put myself in their shoes as I consider what’s essential and what’s not, what’s affordable to whom, who has the more stressful life and job? Then I ask myself how I WOULD FEEL if that (whatever) came down upon ME.

If I can remember to ask myself THAT QUESTION, decision making becomes easy.

Plus I don’t want the karma for causing someone else discomfort if it’s within my means to alleviate it

Someone came recommended to do handyman work last month. He did a great job, did it on time, was interesting to talk to. Then afterward, instead of returning the unused $800 of the materials cost deposit, he’d rather try to rewrite the contract after the fact, despite our text messages and my check notations (one check for materials deposit, one for labor) clearly stating the terms of the original contract. Sure, I could sue since the checks constitute the contract, I could win a judgment but I haven’t got time for the pain.

Several friends were waiting until my job was done so they could use his services also. Now I can no longer recommend him. It’s Bob Neal and since they’re all in the local music scene, he does Lou’s on Fridays, they likely know each other already. Did a good job tho, was an interesting guy. No matter what it is, I’ve learned I hafta SMILE ANYWAY. BE HAPPY ANYWAY.