Domino makes healthy holiday treats to help keep her man alive

My friend Domino has for 30 years made Christmas cookies for her hubby from Halloween through New Year’s.  There were a dozen types he liked and she was such a good cook.  She denied him nothing.   Two years ago, he had some health problems that necessitated a change in his eating habits.  He still loved his treats.  Domino realized it was up to her to take charge of his health as long as she was the one who cooked for him.  If she wanted to keep him around, that is.  She decided she did.

Fruit and Berry Kabobs

She put away the flour, butter and sugar and began making protein, vegetable and relish trays for him each evening, including chunks of grilled chicken tossed in buffalo sauce, cubes of low fat cheeses, or his favorite celery sticks with lowfat peanut butter.  She bought fresh and canned fruit and made him banana, berry and fruit kabobs.   She’d mix him light and healthy drinks with sparkling water, lemon slices and fruit, as well as fragrant and relaxing teas and lowfat cocoas and cappuchinos for after dinner.  It’s such an elevated way to honor your beloved, to feed him only what keeps him healthy and whole.  And if you know it is his habit to munch in front of the tv, have something good for him.

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