Can you de-clutter one drawer today?

Post-holiday blues = unmet expectations, disappointments, a return of loneliness, guilt about overindulgence, excess fatigue and stress. I’m in a profession where a lot of ppl every week tell me what they are going thru, so I notice patterns. I get it too, it will hit me although not hard since I am my own boss and I dictate my schedule. I can take off work and relax in my garden or rearrange furniture or de-clutter. When I’ve got the blues, what helps me out of it is staying in motion, rearranging things to stir up the chi in the house, de-cluttering anywhere that needs it. I remind myself the blues come to pass, they don’t come to stay and that I will be on the other side of it soon. In the meantime, there’s always something I can rearrange, something I can de-clutter that gives my mind a new focus and leads me into a better feeling place. Can you de-clutter one drawer today?

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