My Day at Jiffy Lube and Tire Kingdom

Since I stay busy with work and always have a bunch of big and little things to do, I’ve learned some tips and tricks that keep me motivated and not getting overwhelmed by it all.  When I have to do maintenance type chores, like getting my oil changed, I put it on my To Do List so I can see it each day until I can stir up the entusiasm to jump up and get it done.  I’ve had “change oil” on the list for 2 months, and yesterday morning I woke up wanting to go right to Jiffy Lube.  I didn’t even step into the office first, I just jumped out of bed and left. That was my signal that I was in the perfect vibrational place to have a quick and easy experience. 

I could have made time to get my oil changed two months earlier instead of putting it on the To Do List, but I gave other things higher priority.  I’ve learned that if I go to do something as simple as going to change my oil when my mind is on other things, when I’m thinking of it as a chore, that I will have delays while I am there or somehow have a less-than experience.  But when I wake up wanting to jump right into something, that’s my signal that the energy is all lined up for me to have a good experience.

I got there about noon, which had I thought about it, I would not have gone during lunch time or on a Saturday.  But I didn’t think about it, I just felt compelled and so I went with it.  My car was next, I’ve been going to the Jiffy Lube on Babcock Street just south of Palm Bay Road for about 20 years now and always been treated fairly.  There were a couple of new guys on.  It’s funny watching the guys try to figure out how to start the Prius (foot on brake, push Power button) and where the vacuum hose is (under the air filter).  I bought my Toyota Prius used in 2008 and since then have had to do nothing to it except change the oil.  So when the guy at Jiffy Lube told me I was riding on bald tires, I couldn’t complain.

I went from paying $200 a month in gas with my Hyundai Santa Fe to paying about $60 now.  The tires have lasted me almost two years. I called Tire Kingdom, Firestone and a few other places, told them what kind of car I have, and asked what my out the door price would be. Then I went to Tire Kingdom, who had the best price.  I use 15″ tires, I bought the 40,000 mile tires for $32.95 each (after balancing, etc. it’s twice that) and also got an alignment for $79.95 – I was out the door at $423.

An unexpected bill of $400 in the past would throw me for a bit of a loop.  Now I know that as it goes, so it flows back to me and it does.  Had I thought about it, I would have asked for a 90 days same as cash option, but I didn’t think of that until later.  I always ask for that.

So, my cousin said, if I woke up so vibing to get my oil changed, how did I attract a $423 bill out of the blue?  Wasn’t that a negative vibe? I told him that’s not how that works.  Car maintenance is like like anything else.  Tires need replacing from time to time. Stuff costs money.

If I was vibing in a bad place, to use his terminology, I might have a blowout on the highway out in the middle of nowhere with no cell phone reception, no credit cards and no money in the bank to pay for it.  As it was, I learned I’d been riding on bald tires and was alerted to replace them before there was a mishap.  I didn’t mind the extra expense since I had the funds to pay.  It was simply a few hours out of my day, they drove me home and picked me up, and everyone all day was real pleasant and personable.  The end result is that I had an excellent day and am now prepared for long drives.

I sure can’t complain about that.  In fact, I have no complaints whatsoever.

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