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Planet Fitness Holiday Hours for Christmas Week 2014

planet fitnessPlanet Fitness in Palm Bay is the one I go to.  It’s at 160 Malabar Road, Palm Bay, FL 32907 Phone: 321.327.2970
Open 24 Hours Monday through Friday.
Open Monday at 5:00 AM until Friday at 9:00 PM
Saturday and Sunday 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Holiday Hours:
Wednesday, December 24 – close at 3 pm
Thursday, December 25 CLOSED
Friday, December 26 – Re-open at 5 am
Wednesday, December 31 – close at 3 pm
Thursday, January 1 – Re-open at 5 am

Either way you win

Be happy your body is disintegrating because that just means something even better is on it’s way . And if not, maybe the being happy will prevent the disintegration and reverse aging altogether. Who’s to say! In any event, why not just be happy and see what happens next?  Claire Lavell

The greatest gift you can give yourself is understanding how it works

cord cuttingI love how the Universe arranges things.  I made a post on Facebook yesterday and last night had a reading with someone in a similar situation.  Since it was such a learning moment, I share it here.  I wrote “To the friend of a friend who will not pay rent and will not move out and is smack talking the landlord on Facebook with every other post, feel blessed that you are doing it to someone who has sympathy for your situation even though you consistently take advantage of them. You do not want the Karma of that. Pay people back what you owe. Cut the cord and you will be greatly rewarded.   The tenant is refusing to pay months of back rent, storage and utilities. It would cost the landlord time and money to evict her, neither of which she has. The landlord works 2 jobs and also cares for her elderly parents. Landlord is praying for tenant to do the right thing and be happily gone by end of January. Personally, I would not let someone live in my home, but the landlord is an extremely kind and generous type. Bless them both.”   A few months ago, a friend wrote about something similar, so  I asked her “whatever happened in your situation a few months ago?”  It turned into a good practice session about changing thoughts.  Continue reading

Sleeping, Cleaning, Souping

Sleep restful by pinoI love being up in the middle of the night. For 20 years, I’ve done phone sessions most evenings from 9:00pm until 3:00am. It’s a most fulfilling work but because of the hours, I’m seldom available for evening events. I even miss most of the bf’s music gigs.  Even on nights I have free, my body clock has me horizontal from 4:00pm until 9:00pm. This schedule works well for me, as I do magazine work during the day then nap before evening appointments. As far as my circadian rhythm is concerned, my 4:00pm is like your midnight.   But in the midnight hours is when my work is done best. After my day job of publishing Horizons Magazine, I nap and then awaken to do yoga and meditate, preparing my mind for evening appointments. My mental environment softens and I become more right brained. I stop analyzing, I stop calculating, I begin getting into a receptive, receiving mode. My wind up and wind down time is important to me, since my work has me traveling between two very different worlds. My daily world has me rearranging words and dollars and keeping track of it all. My nightly world is one of watchfulness, it has me intuiting and coaxing spirit. It has me being alert and receptive to whatever form guidance might take so I recognize it when I encounter it.    Continue reading

I’m reminded to always be prepared

I got up early Friday to get ready for delivery of the January magazine. I brewed coffee and made it half caffeine to wake me up. I drink it so seldom, it wired me for the entire day! The day began with me feeling lazy so I took my time getting going. Then I felt rushed like I wouldn’t get to everywhere I had to be, but within two hours I was in the flow. Today I was reminded to always be prepared. I was going to drop cds off to a client, so I tossed them all in the car and drove off to run errands. I was glad to have ALL the cds with me because I called to confirm the address on the way and was asked if I had time for a reading as well. Long story short, she had a group of ladies over for lunch and I spent the afternoon doing readings and sold 19 cds. Email me at to buy the cd for $20  Since I hadn’t planned on it, I was dressed a little too casual for the “party” with a black sweater, jeans and sneakers but I had a silk scarf in the car and my snazzy black sandals. Presto, chango. It was an unexpectedly fun and productive day. And best of all? My holiday vacation time begins now!



Andrea’s Magical Healing Broth

healing brothThis morning’s soup is what I call my Magical Healing Broth:
Into 16 oz of low sodium chicken broth, drop a thumbsized piece of ginger sliced thin (will remove later), one stalk of lemongrass chopped into one inch pieces (will remove later), 2 keffir lime leaves chopped and a tsp of tamarind paste. Heat to a rolling simmer for 20 minutes, then drain the liquid into another pot to remove all the sticks and grasses.  It’s just the broth you’re making here. After straining you can add veggies and carcass.
Before serving, add:
1 tbsp fish sauce
1/2 capful rice wine vinegar
1 capful low sodium soy sauce
1 tsp chili garlic sauce

A pinch of sugar if it’s too sour.

Healing Ancestral Karma: Free Yourself from Unhealthy Family Patterns

Healing Ancestral KarmaSteven Farmer has written a book called Healing Ancestral Karma: Free Yourself from Unhealthy Family Patterns. I freed myself from an unhealthy family pattern by purposely not having children. I was/am too selfish in wanting freedom from restriction and commitment and I knew having kids would be a lifetime of just that. In return, I’ve been blessed with the freedom to have quiet, deep reflection on our family dynamics and come to great understanding of the karmic ties and implications. The week in 2002 after I had a big aha about my brother Jerry who had passed when I was 16, he contacted me after 37 years of me believing he was dead. I believe me coming to an understanding helped free family karma and that’s why Jerry reappeared.  I wrote about it here


Sitting in the cold as a profound meditation

snowman_sitting_on_benc_45047 degrees, I took a predawn walk around the hood this morning, then sat at the firepit to warm up.   We rarely get cold weather here, so I like to get out in it as often as I can.  The cold shocks my system to a new level of awareness: the chill air on my skin, on my lips, against my teeth, into my lungs.  In the cold, I wear my hair down and tucked into my collar for a warm hairshawl.  The sensation of my own hair against my skin is new awareness for me, since at home I wear my hair up. Piling on layers of clothing gives me new awareness of my physical body: where I feel warmth, where I feel a breeze, where I feel free, where I feel restricted.  A tight sleeve makes me feel restricted and limited.  A heavy shoe makes me feel restricted but secure.   Having new sensations creates new thoughts.  Sitting in the cold — just like any other relatively unfamiliar event or behavior — evokes profound meditation for me.  A seeing of myself from an entirely different perspective.  The many looking outward from the one.   Today, I’ve allowed my thoughts to congest my sinuses to justify sleeping all day while my subscious works it all out for me.  I’ll oblige the Universe and do just that.

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Stepping away when I need a break from my self

It’s been cold chimenea at nightthe past week, down into the 40’s at night.  About midnight  I finished final layout on the January issue of Horizons Magazine, so I make a fire in the chimenea and sat to watch it and listen to the night sounds. Fire reminds us that nothing lasts, that time consumes everything. Tonight’s fire was especially evocative as the night before, friends Marc and Traci Dicaprio’s house burned down and the family lost most of their personal belongings as well as a family pet. (Consider a love donation thru PayPal to or at

Fire consumes everything in its path. It strips you to the bone before leaving you in a pile of ash. When we lose our “things,” we lose part of our identity. We can also be freed of the past in a way we couldn’t have achieved otherwise. It’s one reason  a burning bowl ceremony can effect real change in leaving the past in the past. Legend has it that at the end of its life-cycle, the phoenix would build itself a nest of cinnamon twigs that it then ignited; both nest and bird burned fiercely and would be reduced to ashes, from which a new, young phoenix arose. I’m excited to see what arises for my friends now that they literally have a chance for a fresh start from zero. Infinite potential!

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