10 Symptoms of a Spiritual Awakening (a transcript of the video)

Symptom 1: Your sleep patterns change.  Get used to it. Your body will adjust to these changes in time.

Symptom 2:  Activity at the crown of your head.  Tingling, itching sensations running over your scalp.  Feelings like someone is applying pressure to the top of your head.  This is the crown chakra opening.  You are receiving divine energy/inspirations thr0ugh the crown.

Symptom 3.  Waves of emotion.  Crying, sad, angry etc. for seemingly no reason.  This is a release of blocked emotions and can come from the heart chakra.  Acknowledge and release these blocks as they arise.  You are clearing old stuff from your past.

Symptom 4.  Old issues keep coming back and you feel lost.  Don’t overanalyze the issues that arise.  Accept and face what comes, then release it.  This is cleansing and you will find your way forward.  You are never lost.

Symptom 5.  Your body changes.  Don’t panic or feel sad if you lose weight or put it on.  Your whole body and spirit is changing.  This will settle down when old issues are dealt with.  Your vibration is rising as you surrender.

Symptom 6.  Your senses have increased sensitivity.  You may hear your name called, voices and sounds.  You may also begin to see sparkles of light, shadows, lights, movement, auras around objects.  Your 5 senses are being fine tuned and your 6th sense is opening up.  The lights, shadows and voics are those of spirit and your guides.

Symptom 7.  You begin to view the whole world and all that it supports in a new way, a new understanding.  Be compassionate and loving to all things.  You are feeling what truly “is.”  Go with the flow.  Trust.

Symptom 9.  You desire to break free from old habits and restrictive patterns.  Do it!  Release the old so you may be filled with the new.  Set yourself free and trust in love.

Symptom 10.  Synchronicity increases.  Synchronistic events flow as you are being shown that you are on the right path.  Number sequences, meetings, pictures, visions flow in your direction.  These coincidences have great meaning and tie in with your thoughts. And know that you are not alone in your awakening.

This is a transcript of the video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iM-E_7L7xlg In the video, symptom No. 8 is missing.

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