You only feel competitive if you are disconnected from your inner guidance

His piece of the pie is bigger than mine – wah! The illusion of Competition. That’s been the topic this week during readings.  No wonder today’s Tarot Card of The Day was the 5 of Wands, about feeling competitive.  What experience has taught me is there is enough for everyone, and we each attract according to right of consciousness: our expectation and belief about how much of anything we think is available to us. And it’s all related, everything.  He advertises more? So what! No one can take anything from you for long. If you’re all caught up in the world of emotions, you’re operating on an astral level. The astral level is where a lot of illusion lies.  As we raise in consciousness, we rise above the astral level so that truths are less and less clouded by illusion.  As we meditate, we are no longer driven by our emotions, we can distance ourselves emotionally from the situation.  When we can view the situation objectively, we see there is never any competition.  What anyone else does doesn’t matter, unless you think it does.  Again, your expectation and belief governs what you attract.

Those times you’re reminded you’re a business person competing for dollars in a world of just so many customers?  That’s when you know you’ve gone off your guidance signal.  If you think anything anyone says about you can prevent you from attracting the good that is meant for you, you are temporarily disconnected from guidance. We’ve all done it. Gotten angry in the moment over some perceived wrong and created an entire scenario about it in our head, blaming someone else.  But when we’re conscious, we take the time to contemplate what is going on in our life.  We take responsibility for what we’ve put into motion.  We know that whoever we think is to blame is just someone we are allowing to have some power over us.  Power over our thoughts and emotions. Allowing your thoughts and emotions to go thereis a choice.  Choose to rise above the astral level so you can see through the eyes of guidance.

There IS no competition. Focus on your work and why you do your work and why you love your work and pretty soon, you’ll have more work to love. And you will have attracted it because you’re now connected to your inner guidance, where you realize anything is possible, and anyone can do it.

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