You can be a solitary worker on the inner planes

You can be a solitary worker on the inner planes and be of service right where you are: I had a particularly deep sleep this afternoon and a vision, more like a visitation. It was something I thought I knew so it gave me deeper understanding. I’m trying to wake up enough to get it into words. I have to use pictures right now. Say you’re sitting with loved ones, you’re partying, you’re in love, you’re cuddling your pet, you’re having a good time. The emotions you feel are radiating off you. They affect everyone around you and everyone you bring to mind.  These emotions are also being deposited into a big feeling-bank “in the sky.” Like a giant thoughtform, other people can tap into this feeling-bank and feel your happiness.    

 Just the same, say you’re irked at someone, maybe it’s just the daily news but you’re angry as hell and for hours a day you radiate off anger. Whether they know it or not, people around you are receiving some of the anger energy radiating off you.  What they receive from you is impacting their present and future experience. It’s also being deposited into that big feeling-bank in the sky so everyone has access to it.

This feeling-bank is an entire global emotional plane that we all deposit into and withdraw from in the course of our daily life. We do this by virtue of the emotions we feel. Our emotions come forth as a result of the thoughts we think.

We can make it a daily spiritual practice and service to mankind to on-purpose deposit more good feelings into this bank by doing more things that bring us happiness. Just spending more than 51% of the day in activities that bring about good feeling thoughts fills this bank with hopeful expectation of good.

This is not new but I was shown it by way of witnessing a string of people and circumstances affected and receiving the emotions of each scene into my body. I was shown the remedy is to introduce more good feeling thoughts into the global bank “in the sky.” We are all being emotionally fed by this global bank whether we know it exists or not, so the more happy, hopeful (nutritious) thoughts we can have, the better we can nourish everyone’s emotional body.

After I wrote this, I remembered that before I took a nap earlier today I talked to someone my age. She said it just hit her that it doesn’t matter what she does anymore, that she’s basically at this point just waiting to die. She is on retirement, she has no real goals or hobbies. She has acquaintances but no real friends or family. She doesn’t want to volunteer anywhere. ♡ I reminded her that if we ask, we will be guided to new inspiration or a new goal or a new muse, but we have to ask for it ♡ She has a meditation practice so I reminded her that she can use that time to hold a vision of good things happening for those around her whether she talks to them or not. I had written in detail what she and I spoke about and was going to put that on Facebook when suddenly my post just disappeared into thin air. I was falling asleep so I forgot about it, then when I slept I had the above vision.

I wish I could make her feel what I felt so that she could know what I know.

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