Why Do Spiritual People Ever Get Sick? Welcome your symptoms as evidence the body is clearing out toxins

I got an email yesterday after blogging about a tummy bug last week and nicotine poisoning this week.  The writer asked, “I’m confused.  Why do you  ever get sick since you always write about being spiritual and knowing how to attract your reality?”   I get asked questions like that all the time.  Being spiritual doesn’t mean you don’t get sick, it means you act and react in a conscious way when you do.   I attract way more wellness than sickness, way more good than bad, way more joy than aggravation.  I have no complaints whatever.   As far as getting sick, I figure stuff is always moving through my body and if I’m being a little too resistant (consciously or unconsciously) then it’ll linger a day or so. Everything moves on quickly enough, so I don’t think of it as a problem.  In reality, what we call “sick” is just our body’s reaction to expelling a toxin. A diagnosis is just a snapshot in time and our symptoms are usually the cleansing stage.   Now that I know what it is, I’ve learned not to be afraid and think it’s the beginning stage of some scary, big illness.  I’ve learned to accept the symptoms and love them because that means the ick is on its way out.  

For years, one of my prayers for someone sick was that I was willing to trade some of my robust, abundant health for them to have a little more.  I went though a stage thinking each time I had an illness, that was just my price to pay.  Then I learned I didn’t have to negotiate and trade anything, the prayers would suffice.

However, if I saw them as someone sick who needed my help and my prayers, then I wasn’t seeing the truth of them OR the truth of me.  I finally learned that if I could envision them in my mind whole and well and sustain that thought, that was the consciousness that healed.   If I could gently remind them of what they know and what they’re possible of, their body would kick in and reflect the new knowledge.  Kind of like a kick start after the engine dies.  Okay, exactly like a kick start.

And remembering what your body is capable of  (as far as healing itself) is not always easy in the face of illness.  That’s one reason to start practicing what you know about your own body’s amazing ability BEFORE you get sick.  It’s hard to dispute evidence of something you can physically see and feel.  It’s one of those times you need to “look past the illusion” to the reality of the situation.

The “illusion” is not the fact that your body is wracked in pain or distress.  It clearly is. No, the “illusion” is the thought that if your physical body is in jeopardy, then YOU are in jeopardy.   Here, there, wherever, YOU will be, everlastingly everafter. No matter which “body” or form you appear in.   Simply grokking that will make you freer than you ever thought possible. It will put you at the helm with sure confidence and new respect for this remarkable vehicle you’ve been born into.  So when an illness or a pain or a whatever flows through you, you’ll take it in stride, be glad to see evidence that your body is pushing out the toxins to bring itself back into balance.  You’ll remember who you are and be eager to move onto the next step, whole and healthy again.

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