Why Comments Got Closed Again – I Attracted Some Spam Robots

I just awoke from an interesting dream.  In it, I was standing on a hill watching through binoculars as what looked like hundreds of small robots came crashing into a small village below, causing minor damage.  They all looked exactly the same and were about waist high.  I came in here to write the day’s post and, when I logged on to my blog, I saw I had 94 comments waiting.  I immediately thought there are my robots. It only took a few moments to delete them all.  I recognized how I had attracted them.  Earlier, before my nap, I wrote the post LOOK Before You Cash Any Rebate or Credit Card Rewards Checks. I don’t usually write about things like that, or pay much attention when stuff like that happens.  But I’d spent a few minutes getting the links right and wondering why I was doing a post like that at all.  Then I found the reward points rebate check that Advanta had sent me.  I felt a spark of emotional investment and, of course, that was the fuel that set the corresponding manifestation in motion.  Hence, I attracted the spam robots.  So COMMENTS are turned off until I am vibrating at a different point of attraction 🙂  And if I play my cards right, that may be any minute now.

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