LOOK Before You Cash Any Rebate or Credit Card Rewards Checks. The Better Business Bureau issues warning over Snuggie scam

If you’ve cashed a rebate check or check for reward points recently, you may have just authorized a $150 annual fee to be charged to your account, or a monthly charge.   Advanta is sending reward points rebates right now.  And the Snuggie. You know, that comfy looking lounging robe they advertise on tv?  Apparently the Better Business Bureau had to get involved after massive customer complaints.  They say “rebate” checks for $8.95 have been issued to Snuggie buyers, snaring them in with an old trick used by credit card companies.  On the rebate checks, in fine print, it says that by cashing the check, you are automatically charged a $149.99 annual membership fee.  Here are some links: Don’t Buy A Snuggie Blanket, Don’t Cash the Rebate check.   Snuggie Scam: Pay $150 for A $9 Rebate and Better Business Bureau issues warning over Snuggie scam. And it’s not just the Snuggie. A lot of products offered on late night tv also get the same rap, as well as credit card companies sending checks for reward points:  Rebate Scams: How They Get You

ADVANTA IS DOING THIS NOW: I wondered why I even cared about this, then just now looked on my desk and have a “rebate check” for “reward points” from Advanta, who I used to have a credit card with.  The accompanying info had already been thrown away, so I could not read the fine print.  However, I simply tore the check up so I did not end up depositing it.  Synchronicity.  The Universe rescues me in the nick of time once again.  Vibrational match!

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