When Friends Betray Friends

I wrote on Facebook that I have two friends – 20 year business partners. I’ll call them Chris and Rainbow.  Chris helped Rainbow build the business, doing the appointment scheduling, the venue bookings, all the publicity and promotion, promoting Rainbow on her own time as well.  Without Chris, Rainbow would not have made it big.  Oh yes, Rainbow finally signed a lucrative contract a few months ago.  She hired an attorney, a new manager, fired Chris and sent her a letter to move out of the home Rainbow has been renting her for last 11 years. Not only does Chris get no piece of the pie she helped bake, she now has no job, no home, no who-she-thought-was-her-best-friend. Get it in writing folks, whether you’re best buddies or not. Get it in writing, even if it’s your best bud, your mom, your mate or your sister.  Oh, did I leave out the part that she is a metaphysical teacher and coach?  And Chris just reminded me her car is in Rainbow’s name also, as is the car insurance.

I got some good comments from my Faceboook friends:

Allyn Pier:  oh sh*t, talk about cutting ties. That’s shredding them. Never know who you are in bed with.

Jeffery Stone: a sad commentary about the human side of greed, lack of intention and respect and its effect on the entire collective … I’m sad for both …

Debbi Dickerson: My mom’s friend bought a Lotto ticket in Texas and left it with her sister when she went to NC – the ticket won $21 Million – the sister tried to keep all of the money – Mom’s friend sued her own sister and settled for 8 million – they have never spoken since (the sisters) and they are twins – go figure! This happened over 10 years ago – made the Houston paper and everything. So don’t even leave your lotto ticket with anyone!

Charles Scheidecker:  It’s baffling how people can let the steam rise to their heads like that…

Lori Grear:  the only way a person is really successful is if they lift others up as they themselves rise… stepping on and using people will never lead to true success or happiness.

Chris asked me how she attracted this, since she was truly dedicated for twenty, count ’em 20 years to getting Rainbow’s message “out to the world.”  She never thought this would happen in a million years, never.  Now she’s 48, having to start over.  I figure she can either drive herself crazy trying to figure out the Universe’s karmic lesson for her, or she can take it as the gift of a fresh slate.

One lesson certainly is that you never know – whether by intent or circumstance – when your world will change.  When everything you knew is no more.

What then?  What then, indeed.

When People Change Intentions and Break Contracts

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