The point is to fill up your happy tank

A friend asked, “What’s the point of it all? If we’re going to just live and die, what’s the point of trying to achieve anything if it all turns to dust?The point is not achieving. The point is the emotional journey you take as you go this way and that. The point is to follow emotional happiness. That is also how you serve yourself and your fellow man. –:– When you are filled with happiness, you exude a nonphysical ‘good’ into the environment and anyone around you has access to thoughts and feelings of happiness, not unlike accessing good thoughts from a collective thought bank.
–:– Why bother to feel good ever if we’re going to eventually die?
–:– Because those thoughts and emotions build up and follow you from lifetime to lifetime, making easier and happier future lives. I cope with life by training myself to have an interest in things around me, looking for the fun to be had, looking for the helpers, looking for the silver lining, looking for someone to give a kind word to, by training my self talk to keep me motivated and uplifted. That is my contribution to emotional well being on planet Earth. Your being here matters, your being happy matters, the happiness of others matter. Never think it’s pointless. Become an emotional missionary in this lifetime and follow happiness, feel happiness, collect happy thoughts and feelings so you can remember happiness when things are not so happy. Fill up your happy tank to overflowing, that’s how you silently help your self and your community. In this lifetime and the next.

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