The morning of the white van stalking

945am a long white van with very dark windows drove driving slowly past my house then came back around twice, driving faster and blowing his horn. He’s got a luggage rack on top and the front seat windows have less tint. He went past me twice more heading east, once more heading west, horn blowing and looking toward my house, front window open. He must have turned south to go around the block. I wondered if maybe he was the one who called out my name at 4:44am on May 27th. I wasn’t going to report anything because it’s not against the law but the next day someone rang my neighbor’s doorbell at 5:30am. No one was there. From my office, I saw the neighbor’s front lights go on. I had not heard a car. When his lights went on, I’d been talking to my cat, who was sitting on the perch outside the office window, trying to come in. Whoever it was parked elsewhere and in the dark behind my hedge I saw nothing.  My neighbor told me about it the next day and I told him my incident. He is going to make a police report. He thinks he knows who it might be in both our cases. Knowing the story about a former friend of his, I do not disagree. He’d been helping a friend who he later cut off for being dishonest. The guy began stalking, calling and hanging up repeatedly, calling neighbors, me, his minister and other associates and slandering him.  He’s begun the calls again and now this. it might be related. We’ll see. or not. I’m not worried, I don’t attract people who want to do me physical harm. May it ever be so.

It was not unlike the Kia Sedona here

It was not unlike the Chrysler Town and Country here

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