What you see happening is not all that’s happening

A Facebook friend wrote, “I was just assaulted by woman who was drunk / high out of her mind, stumbling, slurring words, chasing me down the streets of Brooklyn. Touching me in unwanted ways, pulling on my umbrella. What the fuck. It was all I could to say very loudly “stop touching me, stop following me.”  This shit really happens and I couldn’t defend myself or do anything to stop it. All I could do was run away and I was in such shock I couldn’t call the police I couldn’t take a photo or video. I shudder to think if the situation had been reversed that the man would have hurt me. No one would believe me & I’m just fighting back tears on the c train. She tried to followed me onto the subway but either didn’t have a metro card or it was empty. I got very lucky. Happy Fucking Valentine’s Day. Jesus Christ. I’m out of sorts. People don’t do this to each other.”

Andrea writes:  I responded. “I see everything as an agency of the soul, helping us be of value, What a holy honor and yes, a vibrational match. The lifeguard always attracts the swimmer in distress. The fireman always finds the fire. Sometimes the flailing grab onto what they see as a ladder out of their chaos, and they are then a vibrational match to the person who wants to be helpful. Sometimes, in their altered state, they just want to touch the hem of the garment of someone they think can somehow help lift them out of their situation. What’s going on in their minds is likely not some high maniac screeching erratically at a stranger. At this point, her soul is hovering a short distance away watching as her body goes on autopilot until it’s over. Bless you for being there for the broken, even tho it breaks your heart to do so.”