I can be slow when I get in a rut

I can be slow sometimes, slow to give something sufficient thought to remedy an easily fixable situation. The past year I’ve been sharing space with a pal, which has worked out remarkably well. But I notice I suddenly spend a lot of time in front of the tv. I only vaguely wondered why that was, since half the time I have a show paused while I text or email work stuff.  Today it hit me that in the process of sharing space, I gave up a couple of rooms where I had ongoing projects laid out. A room was set up for sewing and crafting, one had my art studio, half the living room was set up for making hats and painting angel heart rocks. As I wandered around the house after work each day, I’d sit at this station or that and work awhile on whatever was on the table that day.  

Now, I have my painting supplies out but no real table space. My sewing machine is set up in a corner of my office, the fabric and mannequin are stored in the shed with the hat supplies. Anything I want to do, I have to take time to set up first. Since it’s not sitting out, I don’t see it during the day to get inspired to work on it.

Today I realized what I’d done a year ago and how I got here. The easily fixable remedy? Turn my little tv den into a project workroom. Move the recliner and tv back into my bedroom. Move the table where the kitties eat into the living room and turn it into my project table. The couch has to go. This way I have space to leave things set up so I can be inspired by them. We’ll see.