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Is this year flying by or what?? Yesterday I drove to Ormond Beach, Ocala and Cassadaga and it’s a trip I love to make.  Usually I am returning phone calls as I drive, hands free of course.  I have this mega stereo headset that really blocks road noise and I put it on when I know there will be an hour or more of calls.  The Bluetooth is fine, but at 70 mph on I-95 in my little Toyota Prius, I have to keep a finger on it to keep the earpiece deep in the ear channel.  I like to use two hands when I drive, and pay attention – 10 and 2, baby.  Hands at 10 and 2!  So with the mega headset, I can be completely hands free.  There is about an hour each way along highways 19 and 40 that does not have AT&T cell phone service, so I get to enjoy that nice ride in the silence, just watching the cowfields and horse fields and open savannah.  I saw some baby goats that were so cute and right near the fence, I could have petted them.

I first stopped at Crystal Connection in Ormond Beach, then got gas and drove west on 40 into Ocala.  I put the July Horizons magazines at Mother Earth Market, then picked up some hummus and a package of rice crackers for lunch.  I ate it on the way to Cassadaga, my silent ride time, where I dropped more magazines off.  When I got back home, I sat back in my big comfy chair and looked to see what my Facebook buddies had been up to.  That’s my form of mindless entertainment.  I saw some friends had posted the results of the different quizzes Facebook has, such as:

Where will you be 10 years from now?
What’s Your Hidden Super Power?
How long would you survive in the ghetto?
What’s your Native American Indian name?
Which side of your brain is dominant?
What ethnicity are you, really?
Which corny pick-up line suits you best?
Which Desperate Housewife are you?
What flower represents you?

Those are not the most ridicuous, they are just the ones I took.  Oh, here’s a good one, the Zombie quiz:

1. A group of zombies is blocking your path what do you do?
Pull out an M1 and aim for the back of the neck.
Charge in and try to kill them with my bare hands.
Bring out my pistol and aim for the head.
Order my fellows to charge and kill.
Throw a pipe bomb.

2. You have a person who has been wounded by a zombie what do you do?
Leave them.
Shoot them in the head
Keep them in your group.
Disposeof the body in a fire.
Amputate the infected area.

3. What are the best weapons to have on you?
Pistol and ammo
M1 and Machete
Elephant gun and uzi.
Assault rifles,shotguns,pistols and combat knives
pen knife and my hands.

4. Where do you go if you are in a big city?
stay home and board up all points of entry.
Military base just outside of town.
Evacuation Site.
My friends house.

5. Where do you go if you are in the country?
Outside and stand in a field
Go to the big city.
stay home and wait for rescue
It’s a small town kill all the zombies!
Board up the windows and doors.

My answer was that my character would be “Bert from Tremors. You are awsome at this! Have you been in a zombie apocalypse before or would this be your first time? You will definetly survive.”

I think it’s interesting that the quizmaster could spell apocalypse, yet could not spell awesome nor definitely.  Of course none of the answers would have been my choices.  Not having seen a zombie movie since the original Night Of the Living Dead, I could only guess what Hollywood had been putting on the screen.  So I guessed and my answers were obviously correct: I would definitely surive a zombie apocalypse.  That’s good to know.

Actually, that was a pretty empowering quiz.  I like taking quizzes that make me delve inside myself for answers I didn’t know I had, to find strengths I didn’t know I had.  That was one reason I created the website at Sisters of the Circle.  Not everyone has the time to run off to a weekend retreat for reflection, but everyone can either take an hour to sit at the beach or under the clothesline, or 10 minutes in their bathroom to mentally go into another place and do a mini-soul searching.

Why do we want to soul search? Because we reach a phase in life where we begin to see through the illusion and no longer find satisfaction in our current daily life.  We can either sit around and pout and mope and complain about everything going wrong with our life and the world, or we can know that there is more out there, and set out to find it.  This phase can come at any age and has nothing to do with being smart.  It has to do with waking up and getting conscious.

But Andrea, why embark upon a course of self discovery and personal development when doing that causes the world to crash down upon you? Because (1) the world doesn’t always crash down upon you and (2) if parts of your life do come crashing down, it’s simply the beginning of the restructuring that will be so much more to your satisfaction that it’s so worth it to do it.

Much of the crashing down has to do with the karma of past momentum catching up and leveling the playing field.  That’s all that is.  The sooner you fess up with yourself and cop to your past whatever, the sooner you reach ground zero.  Then you simply begin to act and react in a conscious way, giving thought to choices as they come up, setting and reflecting on goals, helping those around you, and thus begin a whole new pattern of attraction.  You are no longer in vibrational resonance with the old life, so the old life simply drops away.  Your new life begins to include people and activities you find more meaningful, as old associations drop away.  You will be surprised at who remains and who falls away.

So these silly Facebook quizzes, written by people who can neither spell nor form sentences (like me, right now) these quizzes still give us insight into our own personality.  They keep the brain neurons firing as we consider new information. That helps keep our brain young and our mental processes clear.

So when people complain that a lemming public is relying on unqualified others to tell us who we are, I say “I welcome it all.  Every thought or criticism is helpful to me.  Every silly game or snarky comment gives me cause for reflection.”  Does that mean we are really super heros or a particular song like the quizzes tell us we are?  No, but we’re not zombies either.

We may be the walking wounded, but we’re working on that and we’re not dead yet.

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