What I attracted today by not paying attention

I’m batting 1,000 today in miscommunication! First, I attracted a 50% overcharge by not clarifying the price of a job ahead of time. Then I went to edit a client’s file for a second time and found my first edits had not been saved. Then I edited an odt file in Open Office, periodically clicking the icon to save. It showed it saving as an html file. Afterward I wanted to save it as a Word doc and did. Now the html edited file is nowhere to be found.  LOL I see today I’ve got Mars, Venus, Uranus and Chiron all ganged up in my 12th house, aspecting my natal 12th house Venus, Mercury, Sun, Jupiter, Ascendant and 6th house Neptune, Moon and Saturn. Today is either going to be a party or a clusterf*ck. I’ll love it no matter what it is.  I did get a fun bit of entertainment. Being an “A” name, often I’m No. 1 in my friends’ phone list, so I get their butt dials. I just got to hear an illuminating 8 minute conversation between two friends in a car about other friends we know. Wow.