Untangling a snafu

Today was a blur of activity and last minute wtfs. A great reflection of Pluto conjunct Mercury and Mercury squaring my natal moon. The February Horizons Magazine was delivered and I got half the mailouts to the post office. I re-arranged several appointments for work on the rental. I met with new resident, we signed lease and took her application to the park office. A little snafu, we came at noon; regular gal was off today and 2nd in command was at lunch. That meant tenant can’t get a parking decal for her car until 3 trustees approved the app.   

— Sounded ominous, but it simply meant Donna had to call around the park to see if she could find 3 trustees on premises to review the app and approve it. They could not, however B said they could issue a long term pass good for a week. By then they would have found the 3 needed signatures.
— Initially told she’d have to appear between 8:30am and 5pm M-F to have her decal applied – ugh since those are her working hours. After consideration, B said someone could arrange to stay a little later next week to accomodate her.
— Tenant caught a bug and should be in bed but has to move all weekend. She’d just come from city hall getting her water and etc turned on and there were quite a few last minute stressors. All the details can seem overwhelming, especially when you’re sick. I know if it was me I’d be glad for someone else to kind of take charge and help move things along. I’d also appreciate someone who can help me keep it all in perspective by reminding me it doesn’t have to be hard, it can all fall into place easier than I can imagine as soon as I stop recalling how hard it’s always been.
— I keep reminding myself it somehow always works out for me. Anytime I encounter a tangle, I step back and ask what steps I need to take next to untangle. It may be something unexpected, it may be something inconvenient, but if I simply break it down into steps to be done to remedy the situation, the solution will make itself known to me. And it did that to me all day long today. Everywhere we have to go and everything we have to do is within a 4 mile radius here. This used to be the boonies! Yes, there are still a few hoops to jump thru, but it’s all just paperwork at this point. I see this as momentum from past events catching up and clearing. I’m hopeful. The best is yet to be.

I admit I got a little frazzled today. That’s the problem with having experience in a particular area, you know what the outcome is going to be but there’s nothing you can do to convince the other parties of that. Like at the HOA office today when several people were offering their opinion of the parking decal situation. I knew what the outcome was going to be — someone from the office was going to be kind enough to wait an extra 15 minutes to make sure the new tenant could get her car decal. I did not want to sit through hearing 3 people debate something insisting it could not be done when I knew it could be and would be. But diplomacy demanded that I smile and thank them and tell them that I’m hoping for the best and I know that somehow it’s going to work out.