Know when to let off steam and when to let it build

Yesterday we signed the rental lease and what ensued the rest of the day reflected Pluto conjunct Mercury and Mercury squaring my natal moon. Translation: potential hassles, obstacles, grumpiness, miscommunication. Unlike a lot of stories I hear, I love my HOA. Maybe because it’s so easy to stay in compliance and I don’t try to buck the system. I’m all for what’s easy. But being an Aries x5 and a landlord in an HOA (homeowners’ association) community, I’ve learned the value of patience and grace under pressure. It was like being at the stove waiting for the kettle to boil. I wanted tea but didn’t want to hear the kettle whistle so I stayed quiet and listened carefully for when to open the spout. And I was a good girl at the HOA ofc, I kept my own spout closed and listened attentively. It paid off each time.
—AND IF YOU CAN’T BE QUIET AND PATIENT AND ATTENTIVE AND HOPEFUL, YOU CAN PRETEND TO BE. Pretend long enough and you’ll grow into being quiet and patient and attentive and hopeful in those types of situations. And it will always pay off. Then you’ll be patient and hopeful for real and everyone wins. Especially you. Know when to open the spout to let off steam and when to keep it closed for the best brew. I’m hopeful you can do it.