What do you highlight in your conversations with people?

Yesterday I got an email from a friend saying “if you call a company and you reach a customer service representative overseas, ask them to transfer you to an American rep to keep jobs in America.” I replied:  “With all due respect, I find this offensive, ignorant and racist. We’re either all one or we’re not.” Plus, I talk to overseas reps on the phone all the time and, while they may have an accent, their English as a rule is impeccable.  I wonder if, during the call, they are too busy being pissed off talking to a durned foreigner that they just aren’t listening to what is being said to them.  Do you listen carefully to hear what others are saying to you?  Or are you busy correcting or criticizing their English?

A few years ago I was in the Red Lobster on International Drive in Orlando during the noon rush on a Saturday with a friend.  There was the typical Orlando tourist traffic, all of us going to lunch at the same time.  An Asian family across the aisle was talking quietly among themselves when my friend declares, really loud, that if you come to America, you need to speak English.  I could not believe it from this friend.  I mentioned we were in downtown Orlando theme park land, where international visitors every day come and pour their dollars into our economy.  Then they want to eat lunch in a pubic place, and speak quietly among themselves in their native tongue, without being harrassed.  She just got madder and louder.  I could not believe it.  And this from a metaphysician who teaches about law of attraction.  She also teaches how to protect yourself from psychic attacks and spiritual warfare.  So which is it?  We can’t have it both ways.

Same topic, different “teacher,” I’ve had several calls recently from people who have heard talk of spiritual warfare from particular self described teachers and prophets, and that the corrupt aspects of our world need to be done away with. These teachers, while savvy in other areas, are of the doomsday variety and make reckless predictions such as presidential assasination attempts.

First of all, it’s common knowledge that although Obama won by a good margin there are entire segments of Americana that don’t like the idea.  Thankfully so many of these miscreants blessed beings live off the grid and don’t vote.  So the likelihood that some misguided, narrow minded racist is going to chance a potshot doesn’t take Kreskin to predict.  So forget about all the psychic predictions of that, they are just jumping on the bandwagon to be able to say, I predicted it the first day!  It’s simply marketing strategy for them.

The idea of spiritual warfare and thinking the corrupt aspects of our world need to be done away with, simply gives power and life to those thoughtforms.  I’m mentioning it because those statements about financial collapse and our President’s safety have some of my callers scared almost into disability.  So I want to address it openly.

One caller said to me that even mentioning a possible assassination and depression plants the idea in the minds of people.  She said it would be like someone walking into a classroom of mothers with their infants, except this mother’s infant has its arm ripped off and it’s squirting blood and he’s screaming and the Mother is telling the others:  “This does not have to be your experience.  You can create a different reality.

Not so easy to do, is it, when you’ve had such a strong image splashed in your face, with the attendant sound and emotions?  “This doesn’t have to be your experience.”  And yet it’s more likely to be their experience NOW than before she walked into their class.

Now it’s been brought to their attention that something they never thought about is a real possibility. Now they think, maybe for the first time, “this might happen to me.”  Now they have something startling to recall vividly and consider over and over again as possibly their future experience.  No matter what she said afterward.  Kind of like telling the jury to disregard a statement they heard the witness make.  They now give greater importance to the statement than they may have otherwise.  They are certainly not going to disregard it, because now it is prominent in their mind. She’s highlighted it for them.

What do you highlight in your conversations with people?

Do you point out the worst case scenario, because you see the signs and want to show how smart you are?

Or do you try to gently lead them into a more upward spiral offering optimist responses?

When they get stuck in criticism and cynicism, do you ask them questions to get them talking about what they would prefer to see happening and why?

Or do you let them drag you into the chain of pain and complaint?

Are you leaving big, gaping wounds that splatter everyone around you?  Are you spending time with folks who create big gaping wounds and love to splash around in the carnage?

When you step away from people, what might they say about you? “Dang she’s got a plateful of trouble going on!” or “She’s always so kind and uplifting?”

What would you like them to say about you?

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