The Saga Continues with Sharon Janis: Let’s Get Over It Already

I thought this topic was over days ago. It began when I wrote a generic blog post What do you do when friends misunderstand you and don’t want to play anymore? My daily blog is about what lessons I learn as I travel this road of Life, but I don’t disclose names and places. After reading my post, the friend, Sharon Kumuda Janis, got miffed at me and took it public.  It turns out that although I’d known her for 10 years, she’d only let me see one facet of her during all that time.  Hmmmph.  I thought, ok, lesson learned and moved on. She then deleted me as well as several dozen mutual Facebook friends, but a week later she’s still on the topic doing emails behind the scenes. I don’t know who all they went out to, so I’m posting this here just to tell you – I don’t know anymore than you do about why she’s doing this. Don’t hold it against her.  We’ve all done public sh*t we later regretted.

I initially gave her book Never To Return a glowing review in 1998 and last week Sharon Janis publicly mocked me for it – so frankly I don’t know what that’s about.  She has now removed the very review she proudly displayed for a dozen years on several sites.  I’m glad to be free of the karma of it, and happy to have helped her in the beginning when she asked for it.

She has also blocked me from accessing her websites on my computers.  She has that high tech spy type software that allows her to block the IP address of any computer she doesn’t want to view her site. She keeps track of everyone’s computer addresses, years worth, and now I know why.  So if you were a mutual Facebook friend and now cannot access her websites, she has simply blocked your computer as well.  She could make a fortune using her computer savvy and editing skills for good, but likes to perpetuate the illusion of being the indigent monk.

I have to smile at all the effort she’s going through. I wouldn’t even know about it except when I went to check my links, I was blocked.  I didn’t think much of it because I don’t know about that kinda stuff, so I just figured her links were down while she was working on her pages.

So later in the week when my cousin is working on the websites, he’s proofing my text, checking links, etc. and he gets the same thing, but he knows immediately what it is.  But why did his computer get blocked?  He who doesn’t even know her, who never even goes to sites like hers?  Because he was using an old computer of mine that had been in storage for years, and I didn’t even know he’d set it up in the back studio.  And Sharon even knew the IP address of that computer. But she did not know the one to his laptop, so I could see the review had been removed.

My cousin told me that, to him, feels pretty paranoid and stalky of her.  But I know it’s just her way of making herself feel like she’s got a handle on things.  She’s written some good works.  She has ups and downs like everyone else.  I would not take as gospel what she says about anyone she perceives to have wronged her or betrayed her.  I’ve learned that just like the Komodo dragon, who survives on carrion, she has a venomous bite.  I would not let myself get involved in a business venture with her. But she’s on the path just like the rest of us.  Her books are worth reading.  She has a lot of free online resources.

Reading at her website, even knowing what you know about her personal conflicts, can be an excellent exercise in allowance, acceptance and unconditional love.  An exercise in distinguishing the personality from the soul, and isn’t that what spirituality is all about anyway?  Not letting ourselves get too caught up in what clashes the personalities between us have, but rather recognize who we are and what we have come here to do and get on with the business of that?

And to satisfy the personalities selves, I’ll keep this page updated on this topic.
And it would be even better if there ends up being nothing further to report.


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