People Who Lie About Who They Are: Washington Redskins Cheerleaders fired up about White House Crasher Salahi

Cheerleaders get fired up about Salahi by Paul Farhi, Washington Post Staff Writer 12-3-09. Before she made it into a White House state dinner without an official invitation, Michaele Salahi made it onto the Redskins alumni cheerleading squad — without ever having been a Redskins cheerleader.  Salahi performed at FedEx Field during halftime of the Redskins-St. Louis Rams game Sept. 20 with a group of 150 former Redskins cheerleaders. Salahi’s rehearsals with the group were filmed by a crew that has been following Michaele Salahi and her husband, Tareq, for possible inclusion on a cable TV reality show, “The Real Housewives of D.C.”  Several former cheerleaders said in interviews that Michaele Salahi’s presence at a rehearsal drew attention because of the TV cameras, but also suspicion because no one seemed to remember her as a cheerleader for the team.

Their doubts were heightened when Salahi couldn’t perform some of the basic cheerleader routines, including the standard choreography for the team’s fight song, “Hail to the Redskins.”  But it wasn’t until stories about the Salahis’ White House incident last week that the cheerleaders decided to follow up on her credentials as a Redskins cheerleader.

“She was never at an audition, never at a game and never performed” as an original cheerleader, said Sheryl Olecheck, a Redskins cheerleader from 1986 to 1996 who choreographed the team for seven years. “When asked who her choreographer was when she performed, Salahi couldn’t answer.

The Washington Redskins Cheerleaders Alumni Association lists Salahi on its membership roster and indicates that she was a cheerleader during 1991 season under her nickname and maiden name, Missy Holt. However, when asked by the group for proof of her participation, Salahi was unable to supply any.  The group’s president, Terri Lamb, said Wednesday, “We have no record that she ever was a Redskins cheerleader. She was listed on our 1991 roster at Ms. Salahi’s request and based on her misrepresentation to us.”

That alleged misrepresentation enabled Michaele Salahi to become a dues-paying member in 2005 and to perform with the group at two other Redskins games at FedEx in 2005 and 2007. A local video company, Half Yard Productions, showed up to film Salahi at the practice and subsequently asked the cheerleaders to sign agreements granting their permission to appear on the “Housewives” program and binding them to confidentiality.
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There was an incident earlier this week with a friend who spends most of her time in perception management.  Domino has a local following and a particular way of wanting herself to be seen by others, and she is always revising her online biographies and back stories to fit with her ever morphing image of herself.  She does this so often that she admits she’s not always sure what’s true and what’s not.

Every so often she’ll decide to stir up some controversy, in the hopes that someone else will leak a juicy story of hers and the tabloids will pick it up and give her her long awaited 15 minutes of fame.  But she’s not real smart about how she does it, and she forgets that people have long memories. She forgets what she tells to whom.  She’ll make blog posts or Facebook posts and then deletes those who disagree with her, and re-write the post to remove all prior references.  It leaves the ones who do want to hear what she has to say confused and frustrated.

Domino has not yet learned that we are who we are every minute of the day, and everything we do adds up to the total sum of US.  What happened in the past happened – we don’t need to delete references to past events, we just need to accept it and move forward.  It’s always a red flag when someone cuts ties with so many people in their past. To carry all that resentment for so many years?  But that was Then, this is Now.  Get over it and get on with it.

But be truthful about it.  You don’t need to make up a story about who you are or what you’ve done or what famous whoever you have associated with to be accepted by a particular crowd or as a candidate for a reality show.  You don’t have to pretend.  Isn’t it exhausting all that pretending for all those years?

All you have to do is be YOU in the Now.  All you have to do is be honest and don’t put on airs.  All you have to do is make a meaningful life for yourself, a life that brings you happiness and maybe even brings hope to others.

Because if you don’t, your worst nightmare is NOT your former friends and family who know the real you, your worst nightmare is being alone with you and knowing who you really are.


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