The June 2022 Horizons is now online, here are the horoscopes

June 2022

The June 2022 Horizons is now online at Click here for the June 2022 Horizons. Here are the horoscopes.

Aries – (March 19 – April 18)

Dynamic at the beginning of the month, watch your impulses. A moderate attitude works in your favor and makes you appreciated by all. Don’t ask for too much. Reinforced by a situation that encourages you to step out of line and out of your habits, you push your limits with an innovative spirit and a lot of reactivity. This boldness allows you to take up the challenges thrown at you this month. Combative and eager to build a project that takes time to materialize, you sometimes oscillate between dreaming and the need to remain realistic. You find this balance by ensuring at work and dreaming at home.

Venus exalts your thirst to live your desires! Wait until the end of May to express what is dear to your heart with every chance of being followed by those you love. Remain measured in your demands, for you are torn between a thirst for harmony and a tendency to excess. The conjuncture induces some opportunities to satisfy your desires. The sky lifts you from the ground, but do not fantasize too much so as not to be disappointed. Connect with your inner world, which guides you on the right path.

You believe that everything is possible, but you must be careful with those around you who do not necessarily follow you in your delusions. Whether it’s an incredible offer or other talents to exploit, the dominant element is the unpredictability of events. Do not hesitate to seize your chance. Until the 13th, you are mobilized to defend your interests and negotiate to your advantage. Exchanges are more productive from the 3rd and lead to happy conclusions around the 10th.

Mars reinforces your thirst for conquest, and you can count on a resumption of negotiations from the 3rd, debates become productive. To invest, don’t go beyond your means and instead engage in exchanges that expose the benefit of following you. Potential comes to light unexpectedly. You are offered a chance to express a new facet of your talents and to benefit from financial advantages you had not anticipated. You can also discuss the financing of a project if you base your interventions on reassuring bases while avoiding the soft delusions. Use your intuition to guide your initiatives and get your way.

Taurus – (April 19 – May 19)

If you feel stuck in the middle of events and the economy is slowing down, take advantage of the fact that your projects are on hold to channel your energy instead of getting angry in vain. Be gentle with those around you and your allies. Uranus continues to provoke events that allow you to break with the past and this climate solicits your emotions intensely while you do not like to be pushed around. It is not by playing exclusively with your charms that you will achieve your goals and rely on your sense of responsibility more than on your desire to blossom on all grounds.

Venus accentuates your power of seduction, a significant asset to attract the attention of whoever you like or whoever you want. At the end of the month, the delicious planet boosts your appetite, and you use your magnetism to bewitch the other person and get what you covet. At first sight, you will be surprised by love, a decisive moment, and the situation is favorable to the explosion of feelings. Venus puts you on fire to change your emotional life. This is your opportunity to shine. But do not use your charm to force anyone’s hand. Focus on your natural ability to make the other person dream and bring them into your life.

Financial negotiations are at the heart of the debates, wait until the 13th to restart them and avoid being too greedy. Instead, expose your talents and merits, and you will have the opportunity to get back on track and conclude your business from the 23rd. You will make your superiors want to accede to your requests by favoring a responsible attitude rather than a tendency to feed fantasies.

Think before you make a move. From the 13th onwards, you will see things more clearly as financial negotiations are brought up again, with the opportunity to steer the discussions to your advantage. Avoid asking for too much and take the time to adjust your aim, review your copy, don’t force things, don’t rush things, and negotiate the funds you need. From the 3rd, you can communicate more fluidly. Take advantage of this to assert your ambitions and express your thirst to evolve. Then, reassure your hierarchy by showing prudence and maturity. By doing so, you will be able to get by the best.

Gemini – (May 20 – June 19)

Jupiter increases your desire to connect with others, especially if you have a project in mind. You arouse the interest of those you love and bring them on board. Your infectious enthusiasm helps you convince them to follow you and launch a new expansion cycle. Whether it is on an emotional, social or professional level, you move forward without hesitation towards the goals you have set for yourself. There remains the emotional terrain where you have things to figure out. You will communicate more fluidly from the beginning of the month, which will be a relief. You have understood that it is better to proceed orderly without speeding up the movement. This disposition to prudence and wisdom will contribute to your success.

Venus invites you to meditate on the state of your emotional relationships until the 23rd. Then, the delightful planet will exalt your radiance and your power of seduction. Count on Jupiter to support the realization of a project that you ardently defend. If a dispute arises between you and someone close to you, listen to your feelings to break past behaviors and change them thanks to your recent experiences. Venus recommends that you take a step back from your emotional life, take advantage of this to identify what is blocking your impulses, and then give free rein to a quest for the ideal, change your view of the relationship.

From the 21st, you are more concerned with your financial life. You will use your charm to get what you want, but don’t ask for too much. If you need money to finance a project, you will not hesitate to ask your entourage (relatives, friends) for the funds you need. Avoid hovering outside the realities of this world. If your dreams increase your level of requirement in love and business, come back to earth to manage or define a budget.

Mars urges you to act, and Jupiter puts an important project in your sights. You have the charisma to influence those who can help you, but don’t go over budget. You work tirelessly to complete a project, and you impose your methods on teams that follow you. No question of subordinating yourself. You mark your territory. From the 3rd onwards, discussions about an ongoing project resume after a stressful break, an opportunity to finally change things, but don’t mistake your dreams for reality. Move slowly toward your goals to make sure you achieve them.

Cancer – (June 20 – July 21)

Carried along by events, you are no longer afraid of anything but try to calm your thirst for conquest, for the best is the enemy of the good. You are determined to innovate, project yourself into a different future, and have the necessary will to evolve in this direction. Endowed with unsinkable energy and an unfailing will, count on an irresistible charm to convince, but reflection is strongly advised. If you find that time is taking a long time, tell yourself that it is to base your projects on solid ground, which will allow you to temper your frustration with a touch of wisdom.

Venus connects you favorably with your entourage and increases your popularity. You prove you want to please those around you despite your ambition to succeed professionally. From the 23rd on, get your messages across gently, don’t think you are right about everything. If a life change project has been on your mind for a while, you will receive unexpected support from a loved one or a friend who will encourage you in your plans. Venus allows you to evolve in good company: friends, relatives, or newcomers. It also invites you to make plans. You aspire to be surrounded by benevolent people who meet your standards of excellence. To keep their trust, keep your goals grounded in reality, and they will continue to believe and follow you.

You want more power and what you think you deserve if money is at stake. You’re hungry for something new, and if your goals include financial matters, you’ll want to enlist the support of family, friends, or clients who are won over by your plans. Saturn continues to restrict your income and subjects your projects to the passage of time. Avoid borrowing too much or forcing the hand of those who hold power and money.

Mars urges you to assert your ambitions while Jupiter multiplies opportunities for progress. Whether it’s getting a better job or a promotion, you’re showing what you can do. You’re not afraid to speak up to make your voice heard at work, and Mars helps you impress the crowds. Your superiors are sensitive to your arguments and determination. If you have ideas out of the ordinary, if specific negotiations have been stagnant since last month, everything will start to move forward again from the 3rd. But keep the necessary distance to evaluate the consequences of your initiatives and decisions.

Leo – (July 22 – August 21)

You lack neither the panache nor the will to make others want to believe in your vision of the future, but nuance your words and initiatives so that no one distrusts you and your good intentions. You want to change your life and free yourself from what is holding you back, so count on a fighting spirit to meet the challenges that color the month’s mood. Determined to tackle the sticking points without hiding the inconvenient truths, you will establish links with the reality of each other’s expectations rather than with a fantasized vision of the other and of the relationship.

You will use your charm to rally the support of those close to you and your superiors around ambitions that you ardently defend. Rely on your popularity (from the 23rd) to draw those you love into the adventure. They will follow you if you temper your thirst for power. An unexpected encounter, a new love, at first sight, a long-suppressed desire, expect to experience strong emotions and sensitive events that will orient your perspectives. You will need time to reflect on what you want from the relationship. Try to approach the subject through constructive dialogue, avoiding fantasizing about a future vision that must be redefined on solid rather than idealized foundations.

Your personal ambitions are accompanied by more material aspirations, but avoid demanding too much. You want to escape the rules or even break some of them that prevent you from being yourself. The nature of your commitments is the focus of your concerns and investments. If financial interests are involved, you will only address them if they interfere with your quest for depth and authenticity.

Count on Mars to convince your superiors that you are the best. You are climbing to the top. Determined and charming, you argue against expanding your horizons but lower your expectations at the end of the month. If someone makes you an offer or if a sudden event changes the course of things, you lack neither energy nor determination to seize any opportunity, you assert yourself, and you move up a gear. From the 3rd onwards, some discussions resume their ordinary course after a period of stagnation. Don’t hesitate to argue to change things, but don’t try to force your way in, as this will affect your credibility. Assert your positions with the benefit of time.

Virgo – (Aug 22 – Sept 21)

You find it difficult to channel your compelling desires. Use your conquering energy to impose yourself, but don’t think you can do anything. Reinforced by a backdrop that opens doors for you, your emotions are intense, now is the time to act or choose. You’re feeling gloomy when you’re confronted with reality and when you realize that you have little opportunity to escape from the constraints. Fortunately, you can count on your emotional life to put a smile on your face.

If your current relationships do not meet your aspirations, you will transform them. From the 23rd onwards, count on Venus to make you appreciate society, but do not frighten those around you with too audacious projects. Venus exalts your thirst for solid emotions and makes your wishes come true. An encounter can change the game, an event pushes you to evolve, and Venus sharpens your emotional ambitions. Even if your aspirations collide with the harsh reality of everyday life, you open an inspiring dialogue with the possibility of evolving your ties, even your vision of love.

If financial negotiations are underway, you are leading the way. Count on your authority to negotiate to your advantage. If new prospects are opening up and economic issues weigh in the balance, don’t let them stop you from taking the adventure. Count on your consistency and your will to do the right thing to reassure colleagues and superiors that it is worthwhile to team up with you. As far as rewards are concerned, you will have to wait.

Jupiter brings about events that accelerate change, and Mars reinforces this trend. Focus on communication and negotiation to achieve your goals. Avoid forcing your way through, even if the sky is shaking up your habits and rekindling your desire to break free from limits that are holding you back. When an opportunity arises to renew your life, don’t hesitate. Mars increases your determination, and debates concerning your ambitions are relaunched from the 3rd. If you find the burden too heavy, do not expect it to lighten immediately, work with patience and endurance to get through it without flinching.

Libra – (Sept 22 – Oct 21)

Determined to impose yourself, endowed with absolute confidence, you attract attention. You will surf on this tendency to seduce, but do not take yourself too seriously. An excess of self-confidence will end up harming you. Count on your senses to be awake to experience intense moments and emotions that lift you off the ground. Venus, in concert with Uranus, accentuates a tendency to the effervescence. Saturn darkens it and makes you examine your feelings and function in love. Play the game to move forward and understand while waiting for a lighter moment.

Sensual and greedy, count on the influence of a Venus eager for gratification to address with whom you love the aspects of your duo that should be improved so that each one can fully blossom. From the 23rd onwards, the current flows well. Venus reinforces your sensuality and exacerbates a lucidity that generates essential realizations about the need to change the way you function in love. Venus is composed of a relative coldness caused by Saturn, which invites you to take a critical look at your love affairs to make your family relationships evolve and to unblock certain tense situations, bet on a dialogue that goes straight to the point.

In June, if you have financial ambitions, rely on income from investments rather than on a salary increase to strengthen your accounts. If you can get rich, it is through cash flow or unexpected contributions. Unless you take advantage of a surge in your stock market investments or a gambling win. Some ongoing discussions on the subject finally come to fruition by June 13. Then rely on Venus to replenish your accounts through outside contributions. You are tempted to spend lavishly.

You continue to defend your positions and win the support of your colleagues. You do not lack the determination to convince your associates and collaborators to believe you and follow you. An unexpected income financing makes your projects advance. Rely on your glibness to get everyone on your side. If negotiations were dragging on, you would relaunch them more productively from the 3rd. If you remain moderate in your ambitions, you will reach them in June. Convince your interlocutors without unnecessary pressure.

Scorpio – (Oct 22 – Nov 20)

You are currently surfing on currents that make your life easier. Avoid taking advantage of these favorable conditions to take too much for granted. Events, decisions, and connections will meet your expectations, put a smile on your face, and make you want to invest yourself commit yourself since you are being allowed to act more as you please. Rather eager to get your messages across gently, even to seduce, you do not hesitate to take a step towards the other. You will maintain a cordial understanding (in love, in the family), even if you try to manage the useful rather than the pleasant at the end of the month.

Listening to others and their desires, you work with goodwill to manage your affairs and look after the well-being of your loved ones. Don’t hesitate to engage in lively exchanges to transform daily life without being tempted to impose your vision of the world on others. If you are looking to free yourself from a bond, to free yourself from a relationship, take advantage of an intense conjuncture to get closer to the other person or to make an encounter inadequacy with your aspirations. If some exchanges with your partner have been empty since May, you will be able to revive them more productively from the 3rd. Does the atmosphere seem heavy, and your ideals of love are in a state of flux? Rely on time and patience to get over the atmosphere weighing down.

If you have opportunities to progress in your work, money is not the main driving force behind your actions, but if you are offered the chance to earn more, why would you refuse? If you want to change your relationship with others, your way of associating, you should rely on your commitment so that people will want to reward you, even if the answer does not come right away. If your family’s comfort depends on the state of your accounts, you will try to manage your budget as wisely as possible.

You roll up your sleeves to assume your responsibilities and fulfill your duties. Be strategic about jumping on opportunities, don’t be too obvious about your ambitions if you don’t want people to be suspicious of you. You do not balk at the task. You invest yourself fully at work to serve the common cause. If you want to be given more freedom of movement within a team, you are pleasantly surprised when granted what you ask for. You invest yourself in priority to make your family life evolve, your links with your close circle, you express your creativity, you make yourself heard and understood outside.

Sagittarius – (Nov 21– Dec 20)

Rather than conquering, you want people to give in to your aspirations, but you take into account the interests of others. Count on Venus to connect you favorably to the world around you by lending an attentive ear to those you love and by channeling your own desires. Between your determination to impose your wants and your desire to please everyone, a good idea will arise, or an event will pleasantly surprise you, which will get you out of a routine that weighs you down. You rely on time, and you don’t force anything to achieve your goals. This is a lesson in the wisdom that you should integrate to take advantage of a situation that favors your progress if you are willing to slow down the movement.

A little bossy in love at the beginning of the month, you aspire to act for the good of those you love. Radiant and charismatic, you will seduce people, but you will not be too demanding and rely on dialogue to express your expectations. You show your affection with sudden attention, a gift that surprises those you love. Unless you join a charity organization to indicate your desire to help others. Either way, you’re opening your heart. You’ll want to be careful and take the long view to achieve your goals.

Be careful at the end of the month not to want too much. Greedy and thirsty for gratification, you go too far. You show off your talents and seek to impress the gallery. Your efforts could be rewarded by a small unexpected gratification. Nothing is impossible. The cosmos urges you to exploit hitherto ignored or insufficiently explored potentials, create while following a strict discipline so that your efforts will be rewarded.

Count on Jupiter to exalt a charisma that leaves no one indifferent. Do you tend to go for it and impose your methods at the beginning of the month? Then, at the end of the month, use dialogue rather than force to convince your collaborators on the extent of your demands. To lighten your schedule and free yourself from burdensome responsibilities, you will receive help: you will be offered a more entertaining option, to your liking, or a rhythm that leaves you freer of your movements, and you will appreciate it. Take advantage of this to exploit your potential and persuade your interlocutors to team up with you.

Capricorn – (Dec 21 – Jan 19)

You’re working hard to make sure your family and private life meet your expectations, and you’re enthusiastic about improving the ordinary. But be sure to take into account the opinions of others, for although your intentions are laudable, they do not exempt you from listening to what you are told. Venus and Uranus suggest that you think outside the box, in love, in business, with your children, or in your personal creations, you are likely to be pleasantly surprised and in a rather jubilant mood. You will be more conscientious and responsible, and this seriousness will earn you the respect of those around you.

Jupiter favors your private fulfillment, and Venus exalts your magnetism, an opportunity to live in harmony with the world around you. From the 23rd onwards, the delightful planet invites you to work for the community. Venus favors your sentimental successes, an incandescent return of the flame, love, at first sight, is not to be excluded. This is the time to open your eyes and especially your heart. You will manage your affairs with a master’s hand in your family. If your exchanges have been short-lived since last month, you will be able to communicate more easily from the 3rd. Count on Venus to live intense moments with your partner and attract attention.

You are talking about real estate investments with the desire to improve your living environment or to move. Use your charm and talents to attract the rewards and benefits you seek. Dare to surprise to attract attention and money, but remain cautious in your spending, managing your budget closely. Saturn demands that you spend on what is necessary rather than what is pleasant.

You spend a lot of energy managing family matters, and you have negotiations to maintain at work. Count on Venus to encourage initiatives to serve the community. If you run your own company, a family business, or work in private practice, you have to conquer energy to carry out your tasks. You’re a team player and put your talents to good use. You’re most successful when you work hard and patiently.

Aquarius – (Jan 20 – Feb 17)

Jupiter gives you strong morale to wave your flag with confidence but not overdo it. Be content to remain attentive to the interests of others and your own. You are improving your living conditions and the atmosphere at home, and you are benefiting from a situation that favors your fulfillment. You may find it challenging to deal with austere Saturn, which brings you down to earth more often than not. Fortunately, with your undeniable strength of character, you will be able to deal with the shadows without letting them consume you.

At the end of the month, you will redouble your benevolence towards your loved ones. You will want to abandon yourself to the dizziness of love rather than watch over your tribe (even if one does not prevent the other). Tender words and a charisma likely to turn hearts upside down will help you redefine your place within your family and regain your independence. You have the opportunity to free yourself from ties that are too present through an unexpected encounter, a move: the energy of the moment changes the game. Discussions within your family will start again from the 3rd. Take your emotional life seriously, and do not let yourself get involved in projects that are beyond your means. To spread happiness around you, keep reason as your guide.

You have found the funds you needed to evolve, and you are using them to develop your talents in the best possible way, to carry out a life project close to your heart, and that is taking shape. Don’t play the cicada. Obey the injunctions of Saturn, who recommends caution. Even if you are not likely to run out of money in June, spend it wisely.

With Jupiter as your ally, you defend your ideas and values to those who listen to you. You make an impression, and you are supported by people who are curious to discover what you are capable of. You are mobilized on the private ground, which solicits your attention, less than on the professional level where your business temporarily passes to the second plan. However, you can count on your determination to attract the attention of your partners. You will subordinate your creative impulses to the demands of Saturn, which urges you to assume your responsibilities. Act with rigor, do not build castles in Spain.

Pisces – (Feb 18 – March 18)

Venus is on your side. From the 21st, the Sun reinforces your power of seduction by boosting your talents and potential. But don’t take advantage of this to commit excesses. Venus favors your exchanges with your close circle and the outside world. You have the opportunity to express your desire to love beyond the beaten path, your need to be surprised, even disturbed, in your habits, and your thirst to evolve beyond any conventional approach. You want to move faster towards a future for which you are currently laying the groundwork, and you are feeling a particular frustration. You will have to be patient and accept that you are slowly but surely moving towards your goals.

Attentive to your own, you exchange with those you love to define the foundations on which you wish to build your destiny. Count on Venus (from the 23rd) to lay the groundwork together for projects that are close to your heart. But do not believe that everything is due to you. Your popularity is on the rise, people recognize your uniqueness and appreciate your originality, difference, and requests are granted. Take advantage of a favorable conjuncture for communication to express what is important to you. If your exchanges with your close circle of friends and family have stagnated, a constructive resumption occurs from the 3rd. To launch a new life cycle, do not rush anything and do not take your dreams for reality. Rely on Venus to gather around you.

Rely on your determination to get what you want and on Jupiter to swell your coffers, but channel your growing appetites. You demand what you are owed or what you feel you deserve. Count on the energy of Mars to defend your rights and motivate those who have the money to give you more. On this front, take it easy and don’t hover too high above reality. You’d instead settle for less than you’re used to.

You will defend your interests and plead your cause with vigor. Jupiter favors your access to prosperity but encourages big spending, so don’t exaggerate your powers too much. You will benefit from openings that allow you to envisage the future differently. Your creativity will be solicited, or you will break off a process to engage in a more gratifying one. You can count on great combative energy to negotiate your emoluments upwards. Do you have a new life project in mind and in the pipeline? Saturn and Neptune invite you to mature your plans and build on solid foundations. If you seek financial support, plead your case with determination but without forcing anyone’s hand.