The July 2022 Horizons is now online, here are the horoscopes

July 2022

The July 2022 Horizons is now online at Click here for the July 2022 Horizons. Here are the horoscopes.


Jupiter is keeping you in good shape and putting you on positive vibes. Take advantage of this cosmic support to shine. If you start the month sure of yourself and your ability to rally support for your ideas, reduce the pace at the end of the month because your rating will go down if you don’t do as you please. Rather than playing the victim or going for the jugular, opt for a more intuitive approach to the issues at stake. This attitude will help you avoid stirring up tensions, whether at work or home.

Jupiter exalts your aura and strengthens your influence on the world around you. But do not abuse your powers. Venus invites you to take care of your own, but that’s no reason to accept yourself as the boss. You aspire to improve your environment and your exchanges with your loved ones. To change things without hurting your loved ones’ feelings too much, you present things to them in the right way. But tone it down at the end of the month because they find you too daring. Be careful not to generate any misunderstandings due to over-emotionality. Rely on your receptiveness to make your family understand that the changes do not alter the desire to live harmonious exchanges with your family.

Greedy, you want to be recognized and rewarded for your talents and investments. You demand what you are owed, but don’t ask for too much and don’t spend too much. Ask to be paid what you’re worth and prove yourself to convince your interlocutors that your demands are legitimate. More than financial issues, it’s power issues that keep you on edge. You would be well advised to avoid confrontation so as not to lose.

Mars gives you the energy to defend your interests. To get a raise, recognize your talents and merits. Count on Jupiter to strengthen your aura and on the Sun (from the 22nd) to reinforce your creativity and contribute to your success. Uranus exalts your desire to exploit potentials that have remained in the shadows or even gone by the wayside. Count on Mars from the 19th to relay your aspirations and assume them but avoid asking too much at the end of the month. Otherwise, you risk irritating some. Avoid getting into a tizzy because you are up against forces beyond your control. Plan your initiatives for the long term. And if your current situation generates tensions in your family, rely on your intuition to manage them in the best way possible rather than acting without discernment.

Taurus – (April 19 – May 19)

If you communicate, you’d better think carefully before speaking and acting. Do not hesitate to involve your family and close friends in your perspectives without worrying them by deploying ambitious projects in their eyes. Rather skillful in expressing what you have in mind and making others aware of your moods around the 10th and 14th. Your originality of tone seduces you. You have more difficulty uniting people around your desire to change things in the family where criticisms fly (the 26th, the 28th). Don’t brood at the risk of alienating those around you who are waiting for you to slip up. Rely on your ability to rally your troops around a common ideal. Put your energies at the service of your projects.

It is vital to measure the scope of your interventions (on the 5th and 9th) to get your messages across without ambiguity, without hurting anyone. Count on Venus between the 18th and the 27th to bring you closer to those you love. Don’t hide anything from your loved ones so that you can end the month with a top rating in the family (31st). You communicate your need for freedom, your thirst for more room to maneuver. Whether within the couple or the home, you find the right words. You are more adept at communicating an idea. This project is close to your heart but does not forsake your own for the sake of your personal aspirations.

If you are actively preparing, albeit in the shadows, for what is to come and take shape next year, you will see things in a big way. Why not, if you know (usually, a Taurus knows). More than just getting rich, you are eager to free yourself from a straitjacket of obligations, rules, and habits that end up locking you in, even if it means making some small sacrifice. If, at the beginning of the month, more or less hidden animosities are hindering your ambitions, rely on a controlled approach to your aspirations to achieve your goals rather than putting everyone in a corner.

You have no lack of energy or determination (between the 5th and 19th) to convince colleagues and superiors that you are ready to move mountains. If you find the right words (on the 9th) to score points, keep to yourself what you are working on in secret and which will come to light in 2023. You lack neither inventiveness nor a genuine desire to break with the past and a way of working that no longer corresponds to your evolution. Suppose you succeed in convincing people that your aspirations are legitimate and serve the common cause. In that case, your exchanges will be more animated. Avoid playing against your own side by awakening an ambush of adversity that pushes you into a corner. Rely on communication so that people will want to follow you and adhere to your proposals.

Gemini – (May 20 – June 19)

Rather playful and in a hurry to achieve your goals, rely on dialogue and consultation. Your current good fortune does not give you all the rights and your humor coupled with an infectious enthusiasm helps you make a mark. You are somewhat at ease and a fine strategist in your exchanges, but be careful not to trigger hostility at the end of the month, not to awaken ambush adversity by playing on your volubility. Think before you speak. Otherwise, you risk inflaming debates. This is not necessarily the best method to achieve your ends that you oppose to those whose favors you wish to obtain. Instead, rely on your ability to make people dream and to use your talents to influence others to your advantage.

If you have a talent for the art of understatement (on the 5th), count on Venus to show your aspirations and desires in a more obvious way. If your appetites push you to excess, you will rally the support of those you love around exciting prospects (the 23rd, the 31st). Count on Venus to reinforce your radiance and launch a new cycle of expanding your love life in beauty. The delightful planet contributes to your success, even if you seem more concerned with financial matters than with your emotional fulfillment. You can count on its undeniable charm to calm things down, so be careful not to let your current affairs intrude too much on your personal life.

You know how to take advantage of discreet but effective support. However, this protection doesn’t give you the right to throw money away or build castles in Spain. You will hold tight to discussions on the 10th and 14th. But less so on the 26th and 28th, when you will be expected to do so. You aspire to serve a cause, fulfill a mission, reach an ideal, or change direction. Know that it is not by putting pressure on your banker or a loan shark that you will get the best out of the game.

Jupiter encourages your initiatives and projects. You know how to mobilize those who defend your interests but do not take advantage of this support to spend more than expected. This attitude earns you criticism. Your arguments will be much more convincing on the 23rd and 31st, as your ability to act as a fine strategist works wonders. Measure the impact of your words at the end of the month. Possible slippages alter your credibility. Prefer to put forward your talents and potentials rather than play with your charm and avoid opposing head-on with someone stronger than you.

Cancer – (June 20 – July 21)

The sky is the limit when it comes to your mood, but don’t take it for granted. Control your enthusiasm and your desire to control everything. Nothing will stop you when it comes to opening up the future to your liking. Sassy, greedy, offensive, you have good cards to play the game as you see fit. You are rather upset with all those against you. You make those around you aware of your approach and vision of the world.

You seem to be mobilized by your professional activity, which offers you opportunities to spread your wings. But count on Venus (between the 18th and the 26th) to awaken your desire to seduce. However, do not abuse it to try to charm in high places. Prefer to show off your talents. Projects are in the air! You will mobilize to carry them out as quickly as possible, which will rally everyone around your audacious plans. Just don’t be too greedy on the financial front. Vehement, authoritarian, you’d do well to smooth out the rough edges. Get those you love on board with your dreams and unite people to avoid ending the month on deaf ears.

From the 22nd onwards, you do not hesitate to take the initiative to get recognition for your talents. If you avoid being too demanding, you will get your way at the end of the month (31st) but do not think everything is due to you. Your demands will offend people’s sensitivities and earn you some refusals and inconveniences. If you force anyone’s hand, you risk making enemies. By moving forward smoothly, you will convince people.

Jupiter favors your flights of fancy! But don’t take advantage of your current popularity to impose your ideas and methods, subtly advance your pawns, and skillfully defend your interests. You are pursuing objectives that will change your destiny and give it a new direction. If you lack neither ingenuity nor audacity in the conception and promotion of your plans, you put pressure on those who finance your projects. You may prefer to intervene with more nuance to change things to your advantage. On the other hand, if you persist in sticking to your guns, you are likely to make no progress at all.

Leo – (July 22 – August 21)

Jupiter exalts your thirst to broaden your horizons. This month you show a determination to surpass yourself. Your enthusiasm allows you to rally support, seduce those around you, and end July in full expansion. You’ll be relatively happy with yourself. You act quietly to chart your own course in life, and you have every chance of achieving your goals if you give up expressing your demanding ego at the end of the month. At times you may feel as if the whole world is conspiring against your desires and ambitions. The situation invites you to compose rather than to impose yourself. To avoid ending the month too frustrated, disengage yourself from a daily life that looks grey.

Count on the Sun from the 22nd onwards to attract the attention of whomever you wish (31st). It’s not sure that your emotional life will occupy your thoughts. Still, you’ll be working in the shadows to change your destiny, to free yourself from certain obstacles, to try something else. From the 26th, love takes over. Count on Venus between the 9th and the 18th to help you carry out your projects and lay the foundations on a solid foundation, even if you feel blocked by a daily routine that is cutting you off.

If your primary goal is to move up the ladder, you hope to gain more and earn more. Use your current aura to demand recognition for your talents and merits. However, the thirst for novelty and change drives you, not necessarily the desire to earn more money. Even if you want to hit the jackpot, assume that some elements and events will slow you down.

There’s no question of taking your foot off the pedal in the professional arena, where you’re mobilizing to defend your interests. You can count on a warlike Mars to impose your rules, to take a stand, and to make a mark. You have no lack of arguments or charisma to achieve your goals. Supporters in the shadows will help you break with the past, but keep your voice down to avoid turning your superiors against you and your interests. You may struggle to make progress, but daily life will call you to order throughout the month. Go on vacation rather than bury yourself at work so you don’t expend your precious energy unnecessarily.

Virgo – (Aug 22 – Sept 21)

Are you eager to transform your life, to evolve, to move forward? To be sure to make an impression and score points, showcase your talents, use your power of conviction, and above all, take your time. Caution and lessons learned from the past will help you to progress. Eager to dare to do something different, elsewhere or otherwise, you will plead your case advantageously! But be careful that your audacity does not turn into temerity. You are not very cooperative, so opt for a strategy that favors gentleness, charm, and suggestion rather than force.

You don’t lack arguments to defend your vision of the future at the beginning of the month. Count on Venus (between the 18th and the 26th) to rally the votes around projects that seduce your entourage. Just be careful not to scare your loved ones by investing too much in your plans. Until the 9th, count on your charm to shine in society and seduce whoever you want, but if you take too many risks, it is not sure that people will want to follow you. You want to control others, so do not impose your desires and wishes on anyone else and play the soft card to reassure those around you. If you think that your projects are worthwhile, make sure to share your feelings.

You are looking for funds to carry out your projects but do not be too greedy to scare your bankers. By using strategy, you have every chance of convincing, of realizing your ambitions because you plead your cause with efficiency. Rely on your charm and your ability to share your universe.

Ambitious and determined to climb the ladder, you usefully plead your case. Take advantage of a distance from events to lay the groundwork for the future meaningful and productive way. If you aspire to free yourself from certain previous limitations, to carry out projects that will open up new and exciting perspectives, count on the first fortnight to draw the broad lines. You are supported in your initiatives but avoid launching yourself without a net at the end of the month. Opt for a gentle approach and rely on a vision of the future. These projects feed your imagination rather than trying to force the hand of collaborators who are against you.

Libra – (Sept 22 – Oct 21)

A natural desire to change things at work, to strengthen the company? Rely on your ability to motivate your colleagues, your hierarchy to move forward together, and forget your egotistical desires. You lack neither flair nor audacity to propose your options during a creative first fortnight. On the other hand, you should tone it down afterward because your determination turns into a thirst for power that is not well perceived by those around you. If you find it challenging to find the right words or if you want to avoid confrontation, go on vacation alone or make an effort to understand others.

Jupiter invites you to take a step towards others. Still, you will do your best to manage your social and professional contacts. Venus exalts your radiance, and you use it to attract attention and replenish your connections. Still, you have little time to spare for the other person as you make necessary changes to a career plan that you wish to see evolve. However, Venus exalts your thirst to live intense moments that meet your requirements and give you a certain radiance. Suppose you attack your loved ones or try to be right about everything. In that case, it is not sure that you will be unanimously accepted by your family. Prefer to play the card of reason and appeasement. Communicate gently and devote more time to your loved ones to end the month in harmony rather than in conflict.

You are focused on your desire to succeed and open up the future to your liking. If you can reap some financial benefits, the prospect delights you but is not a goal in itself. You have too much to do in your work and complicated family life to worry about increasing your income. Unless, of course, the current problems are money-related.

Rather vindictive and eager to get your situation moving. If you have the correct arguments to convince others, don’t impose anything on them and rally support by arousing interest, even enthusiasm, not forcing your way through. A desire to innovate and bring your personal touch to an activity animates you. But do not think that your ingenuity or audacity will automatically open all the doors. Use your flair to guide your activity productively and increase your creativity daily. If family worries interfere with your work, try to balance attention to your private life and being present at work.

Scorpio – (Oct 22 – Nov 20)

You are ready to go for it, to take advantage of opportunities to blossom daily. Whether on a personal or professional level, Jupiter boosts your energies, ambitions, and thirst to live the present moment to the fullest. Rather enthusiastic, enterprising, and eager to establish new rules and human relationships, you will rally the votes but don’t believe that all is allowed at once. Practice listening and do not impose anything on others. Otherwise, beware of the dialogue of the deaf.

Intense exchanges! But contain your volubility to keep people united. Venus will raise your standards in love, and if you don’t ask too much of those around you, you will end the month in harmony with everyone. You have the opportunity to bring the other person into your world, to make them want to break with a past that ties you down and limits the field of possibilities. On the other hand, do not impose anything on anyone. Focus on a gentle approach to the problems you encounter in your family. Raise the level of debate rather than running into a wall. If you stick to your guns, you could end the month in a stalemate.

Jupiter offers you some great opportunities. Your talents and merits are recognized (and rewarded) in high places. Your main objective is to inaugurate a new way of working in your alliances (private or professional). If you have to talk big money, you do not submit your aspirations to the diktat of cash. You want to make your point rather than increase your income. Unless the blockages you encounter are related to financial issues, this area is temporarily relegated to the background.

You can count on your strength to convince your partners of the need for change in the company. If your arguments hit their target, avoid upsetting the rules and habits because people will find it difficult to follow you. Suppose your perspectives, proposals, and ambitions require from your business partners that they leave you free of your movements. In that case, they will grant you their confidence but do not abuse your privileges. Your demands would be less well-received. You are active and courageous but belligerent! Don’t offend anyone. You must understand and accept that your aspirations do not necessarily meet unanimously. Rely on diplomacy to sensitize those who listen to you but not surrender to your arguments.

Sagittarius – (Nov 21– Dec 20)

You have a great deal of energy and determination to meet daily life demands and make the most of your assets. The only pitfall to avoid? The one catch to avoid believes you have the right to go beyond certain limits and manipulate those around you. Rather dynamic and driven by a genuine desire to transform your daily life emotionally or professionally, you are thirsty for novelty. This state of mind is well received by those around you. Ask for and respect the opinion of others. If not, tension sets in and puts your nerves (and those of others) to the test. Opt for dialogue and consultation rather than refusing to bend or move an inch. Venus will help you do this.

Your determination helps you convince those around you that changes are necessary for your daily life to evolve but do not impose your vision of things on others. Instead, bring your loved ones into your world and take off together. Venus invites you to take a step towards the other, rely on your ingenuity, your audacity to spice up your daily life, and pleasantly surprise the other. But don’t take your desires for orders! You risk attracting some hostility (from your partner or children). Rely on dialogue, listening to others. Be willing to take them into account to make the month run smoothly.

You will not hesitate to force the hand of those you want to win over to your cause. Don’t abuse your power or charm to get your way. If you have the soul and qualities of a fine strategist, take advantage of this to ask for a raise. At the end of the month, don’t ask for anything because you pressure everyone. You are looking for more, and don’t hesitate to raise your voice to get what you think you deserve. Change your methods so that your requests are eventually answered in the positive.

You roll up your sleeves to perform the tasks and responsibilities that fall to you. But don’t assume that your obvious talents give you every right. Instead, you’ll have to rely on solid arguments to push your limits and achieve your ambitions. You do not lack the audacity or desire to change the established order and make everyday life swing. Don’t think you are allowed to force anyone’s hand (colleagues, partners, etc.). You spend a lot of time promoting your initiatives and creations. Still, you lack tact or modesty when confronting them with the opinion of those who pay you. Take a step towards the other rather than stubbornly sticking to your positions.

Capricorn – (Dec 21 – Jan 19)

Offensive between the 5th and 19th, Venus intervenes (between the 18th and 26th) to nuance your outings. This precious support contributes to your success in business and in love if you do not take advantage of these beautiful dispositions to tip the balance in your favor. Your ability to surprise people will enhance your popularity, but don’t switch from humor to provocation to end the month surrounded rather than alone. Old stories, memories, and trials from the past surface and trouble you. To try to see things clearly and avoid projecting your anxieties onto the outside world, talk about them as clearly as possible to those close to you rather than attacking everyone else.

You will be involved in intense exchanges but occasionally leave the floor to those closest to you. In search of family blooming, you step towards the other to reach a consensus and change things. You aspire to spice up your love affairs, to change the way your relationship works. You find the right words to make the other person accept your requests but do not abuse your powers so that they continue to follow you. You may cause trouble in the family if you try to subject your loved ones to proposals that some may not find clear or convincing. Rely on a spirit of cooperation to avoid generating palpable tensions.

If you need money to settle down more comfortably, you will plead your case. But don’t ask for too much to make sure you get enough. You’re mainly thinking about making a mark to gain a financial advantage. You have demons to tame and differences of opinion to settle before you worry about earning more, especially since Saturn demands that you keep your spending in check.

You can count on Mars to assert your ambitions and showcase your talents and merits: your unwavering determination to maintain yourself, solicit feedback and initiate dialogue. Your offensive strategies coupled with attentive listening to others will bear fruit, and your talents will seduce. You have no trouble rallying support for your proposals. On the other hand, if you take it easy and think you are allowed to cross the white line, you may end up paying for it. In your family or at work, your approach to the world and others is blurred by impulses and the manifestation of your inner world that some people find difficult to understand. To improve exchanges, connect with your intuition.

Aquarius – (Jan 20 – Feb 17)

If Jupiter reinforces your enthusiasm, be careful not to overdo it in your family or your private circle where you want to reign supreme. If you keep your hunger under control, nothing will alter your happiness, and you will feel that nothing is impossible. On the other hand, you will be very impatient if you find that your desires are not unanimously accepted at the end of the month. To avoid brooding, you should try to make contact with solid friends.

Venus helps you smooth things over and put yourself at the service of your loved ones. At the end of the month, the current is flowing wonderfully well between you and your loved ones. You bend over backward to improve your living conditions. There is talk of changing things in your family: breaking away from a way of life that is weighing you down or simply moving out. Beware of certain abuses of authority that degenerate into conflict and disrupt your daily life. Rely instead on Venus to get your messages across gently and thus counteract a tendency to blur the frequency.

Jupiter is pushing you to the forefront of the scene. You have every chance of attracting attention. Take advantage of this to claim a well-deserved reward. If your aspirations to transform your bases, change air, place, or way of life require funds, you persevere in collecting them. If you’re in a troubled environment, you’ll use your potential and talents to get a financial bonus.

Carried along by Jupiterian energies, you develop strong arguments and benefit from a charisma that helps you influence your interlocutors and partners. You score points. Unless you work in a micro-company or family business, you seem to be more mobilized by your private affairs than by advancing your career plan. To avoid trouble, serve the common cause before your own.

Pisces – (Feb 18 – March 18)

Rather audacious and demanding, count on an undeniable charm and on a beautiful capacity to attract honors, money, and admiration of all to finish the month more cheerful and popular than arrogant. Rather fanciful, your lights are plebiscite, and your outings applauded. You feel carried by your successes (in love, in society). To keep your popularity at its peak, avoid showing yourself angry, upset, and ultimately frustrated at the end of the month. You have the impression that events are conspiring against you and your interests. Don’t take these restraints too seriously to not drive everyone away. They will soon give way!

If you feel that you have differences of opinion with the other person, don’t worry. Venus reinforces your magnetism to radiate and seduce. You can also count on goodwill to please to end the month with popularity at the top. You will surprise and attract whoever you want because you do nothing like everyone else. If certain obstacles slow down the realization of a project, you cultivate serenity, especially with your family. If your romantic aura assures you of great success in love, don’t reduce your chances by obsessively pursuing your goals.

Jupiter assures you of increased income but does not squander your money. The temptation is great to indulge yourself. You value your potential and get rewarded for it. Use your charm to show off your merits and make people understand what they owe you with humor. Patience. Resistance will soon give way.

You can count on your offensive verve to convince, but be careful not to ask for too much so as not to alienate those with power and money. You will plead your cause by putting yourself at the service of the community. You can count on your ideas and proposals which are out of the ordinary to make a positive impression on people during the first half of the month, which will serve your interests. People will not fail to notice and appreciate you. You are defending a project, but you are coming up against a block that exasperates you. Take your pain in patience and give up playing the victim. Rely on your inspiration, your talents, and an ideal to reach to raise your head.