The Invisible Counselors are now in session

This website was created so I could share my experience with the Invisible Counselor’s process from Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich. With this workbook, you will discover who your Invisible Counselors are, and you will record your sessions with them.   I’ve shared transcripts of my own initial meetings and included exercises to help you hold your own.  It’s fun to get together in a group and do the workbook.  The exercises are designed to help you to carve those neural pathways, through the mental muscle memory in your mind and let you become practiced at it.  As you have new thoughts and beliefs, you realize more and more what is possible for you, and you will attract clearer guidance and more interesting invisible counselors at your table..

AN INVITATION FOR YOU TO JOIN ME.  I’ve had a lot of success and fun using this workbook and would like to invite you to share your experiences.  You can email me at  If the images don’t show up properly for you at the site, use the Mozilla Firefox browser.

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