I get my mortgage refinance!

After being turned down for refinance by my long time mortgage company,  my sweet galpal ChaCha LaBelle asked me when I could reapply. That reminded me this was not a halt, this was just a delay.  I got a referral to another mortgage lender and was told that each lender has their own criteria about percentages and ratios of loan to value and debt to income. I had nothing to lose, so I called and got them my paperwork.  I was glad to learn that my current appraisal could be transferred and I would not need a new one.

At the time I was declined, I had a raging chest cold and was also in final layout with the July Horizons.  Final layout means a week of 12-16 hour days, nose to the grindstone, no time to goof off.  So at my busiest time of the month I am dealing with the refinance, calling around for insurance quotes and changing carriers and coverage, as well as a giant chest cold that is kicking my butt.  I was in a time crunch and feeling it – on all levels. I was not surprised when I began having the stress factor red patch.

My stress factor red patch is my mysterious tell-all stress indicator. When I get stressed, my body gets a hot red patch about 1″ x 3″, in a particular spot, which disappears as soon as the stress is gone.  I only get it every few years.  It showed up the day before Wachovia declined my refinance.  It disappeared the day after I sent my information to the new lender.  I knew that my mysterious, tell-all stress indicator knew something I didn’t know, something that meant stress had already been lifted for me.

Then 3 days before the magazine was due at the printer I got a call that my refinance had been approved. I was told I can close in two weeks and all they need are my profit and loss statements year to date – aaaugh!  I only had the first 3 months done since the second 3 months don’t usually go to the tax accountant until the first week in July, and it’s a several hour job to get the documents together.  Hours I didn’t have right then since I had 3 days to get the mag done!  Also I was in the midst of a big chest cold which was taking my energy, but the prospect of getting the refinance motivated me.  Two hours later, I’d gathered and speed copied and speed scanned almost everything and took it to the accountant.  When something needs to be done, I am glad I always find the energy to rise to the occasion!

Over the next two weeks, I ended up getting them more and more updated financial information, and payoff figures kept changing as I made my regular payments.   I don’t typically pay close attention to the numbers, I just pay what comes in as it comes in.  Me having to get them the actual numbers made me pay attention to the numbers, which gave me a sense of security and satisfaction that business is good and I’m doing well.

They were able to offer me a fixed rate of 4.875% for 30 years.  Yay for an 802 credit score!  That was better than the 5.25% that Wachovia had offered before they declined me, so Wachovia lost the 6.74% I was paying on my first mortgage and the 7.99% I was paying on the second.  But I’m sure Wells Fargo will buy the mortgage anyway, Wachovia just merged with them.  I’ve had mortgages on other properties with Wells Fargo before, so I’d welcome them as my mortgage company when they buy it.  They feel like family anyway.

So this is one more confirmation that I can trust my mysterious tell-all stress indicator.  It’s more evidence that prepaving and momentum can come together in surprising fun ways when I allow myself to release resistance.  It’s more evidence that if I stay hopeful and optimistic and expect things to turn out better than I expect, they do.  It’s evidence that if I pray for direction and listen closely, I will be guided at each stage what next step to take.  Maybe I won’t get all the steps in advance, but I’ll always be guided to the next step.  It’s evidence that if I believe that who I am and what I do is enough, it will be.

I love my life.

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