The Importance of Having Friends Who Inspire Me

It’s great when we have friends who inspire us to be the best we can be. We love hanging out with those people, don’t we? Actually, why would we hang out with anyone else? It often happens that we outgrow a group we used to belong to as our focus changes. A good rule of thumb is, when it stops being fun, be elsewhere. If the same people no longer hold our interest, it’s time to seek out those who do. That happens pretty often with discussion groups. You have those that are deeply interested and it’s fun to share thoughts and ideas with them. You have those that are open minded and seeking more information. You have those that are more knowledgeable and it’s fun to learn from them. You have those that come just to debate without doing their homework first, and without really trying to understand, they just want to talk. You have those that spend their time theorizing yet never putting anything into practice.

As Ram Dass put it in Grist for the Mill, “It’s like trying to find out how many angels can fit on the head of a pin. Finally, the only thing you can do is become an angel and see how many of your friends can hang out on the pin with you.”

So, how many angels are on your pin?

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