The greatest gift you can give yourself is understanding how it works

cord cuttingI love how the Universe arranges things.  I made a post on Facebook yesterday and last night had a reading with someone in a similar situation.  Since it was such a learning moment, I share it here.  I wrote “To the friend of a friend who will not pay rent and will not move out and is smack talking the landlord on Facebook with every other post, feel blessed that you are doing it to someone who has sympathy for your situation even though you consistently take advantage of them. You do not want the Karma of that. Pay people back what you owe. Cut the cord and you will be greatly rewarded.   The tenant is refusing to pay months of back rent, storage and utilities. It would cost the landlord time and money to evict her, neither of which she has. The landlord works 2 jobs and also cares for her elderly parents. Landlord is praying for tenant to do the right thing and be happily gone by end of January. Personally, I would not let someone live in my home, but the landlord is an extremely kind and generous type. Bless them both.”   A few months ago, a friend wrote about something similar, so  I asked her “whatever happened in your situation a few months ago?”  It turned into a good practice session about changing thoughts. 

Andrea:  Whatever happened in your situation a few months ago, trying to move out of living with a grumpy roommate in her hoarder-filled home?

Domino:  I am still here, i have no where to go and all my things are in storage. Not sure how long my truck will last. I am still employed as long as truck lasts, bringing home less than $1000 a month bills = $800 yep I’m just gonna continue to suffocate in someone else’s shit. She loves that I ‘need’ help, that way she can control my life and everything I do.  I’m overwhelmed and defeated, not sure what to do or how I can do it.  That is where I’m at, a house so full you cannot see the carpet or open or close any doors.  You have no clue what I have dealt with just to have a place to sleep and keep my kitties safe. Had I known it was like this I would never have allowed myself to be pushed here.  Her friend begged me to come stay with her and watch after her after she fell. I never asked to be here.  I have offered many times to help pay a bill or two and was flat out told NO. I don’t want to bash but I have been made out to be a user and this is not true.  And because I have brought out the conditions here of course she like any hoarder is pissed to have to now deal with themselves. Her secret is out.  I’m the bad guy.  The good thing is I looked at my things and have cut my belongings in half.

Andrea: I know what you mean. As hard as it is, you won’t be able to get out of that vibe until you are out of her house. Even if it means staying with someone else even temporarily so you can have new surroundings, knowing you’re out of there. This is how it works.

1.  As soon as you have new surroundings, you will begin to have different thoughts.
2.  As soon as you have different thoughts, you will begin to vibe in a new place.
3.  As soon as you vibe in a new place, you will attract a different experience.

This is always the hard part, though. The hard part is having faith to make the decision to make the move.

Domino:   It is a process. I have broken a lot of heavy crap up around me and I am fighting forward. It is hard and she has gotten into Santaria practice, always burning foul smelling stuff and trying to smear oils on me.

Andrea:   You are the only one who can break the cycle, and as long as you are there, you will continue to attract more of the same.

Domino:  No financial way right now.

Andrea:  Even to stay at a friend’s place for a month would take you out of the vibe and would make other opportunities open to you. I understand that it looks desperate but it will look desperate as long as you stay there.  As long as you stay there feeling this way, you cannot attract any new thoughts.  And until you attract new thoughts, you cannot attract a new experience.

Domino:  The only friends that offered are 40 miles away and partiers and can’t have kitties. My truck is barely gonna make it back and forth another day.  A shit job is all I got right now.

Andrea:  I understand what you’re saying, but the truck, the job, everything will begin to change as soon as you are out of there.  Everything is falling apart now because of the vibe you’re in and you’re in the vibe you’re in because of what you see around you.
1.  Change what you see around you and your thoughts will automatically change.
2.  Change your thoughts and the new opportunities will open around you like magic.

Domino:  That is what I have been doing and it enrages her.  I go to guided meditations, farmers markets, hang with my metaphysical friends. She gets pissed because I have my own little metaphysical support group that are helping me through this process.

Andrea:  Especially if it enrages her you need to get out of there.  Don’t worry about what she is doing or thinking. But I’m not kidding, the way your friends can help now is by giving you a place to live for awhile so you can shake the vibe. Otherwise they are not helping.  They are only helping if it helps you move out of the vibe you’re in.

Domino: I will be in new surroundings for two weeks in January on a family visit.

Andrea:  But you’ll know you are coming back home to her house.  I would not leave the cats at home while you are gone, don’t make her care for them. Now is the time to think about all the things that would separate you from her vibrationally (even if not physically right now) and that means don’t ask her to look after anything for you. That just creates more karma with someone you are trying to release karma with.  Say a prayer all day asking to be show the way to show up as Love today, to attract new ideas and thoughts to bring you a resolution.  And send her love to change, too, because until she changes her thoughts, she won’t attract anything different either.