The February 2022 Horizons is now online, here are the horoscopes

The February 2022 Horizons is now online at Click here for the February 2022 Horizons., Here are the horoscopes

Aries – (March 19 – April 18)
Not very romantic, but determined to get what you want, you work to make your place in the Sun. You don’t see the time passing, as February urges you to exploit your talents to stand out and take pride in them. You are reconciling with life, and you are smiling again. Your combative energy and charm seduce and make people want to follow you.

In February, you are mobilized by your business affairs which require determination and commitment. From the 18th onwards, it’s time to reflect and take a step back from events before launching a new expansion cycle in full possession of your means. You will benefit from inspirations that will put you on the right track. You will act with strength and power to orient your emotional life towards the kind of existence that suits you. You know what you want and who you love.

If you’ve recently diversified your activities, you’re making the most of your new potential and making those who employ you want to reward your talents. You are receiving precious help from fate. This is an opportunity to assert yourself and show what you are capable of. Your audacity is appreciated and rewarded. If specific projects mobilize your vital forces, you will have to wait before reaping the fruits of your initiatives. But there’s no indication that you’re short of money.

Count on Mars to lead the way. You communicate your plans, but then step back and act wisely, considering past experiences. You invest a great deal of time and effort in your work to make your mark in the public arena and to make a difference. Count on discreet support and on your talents to shine. Debates and negotiations that started last month will resume from the 4th. At the end of the month, count on Mars to support your proposals and impose yourself in high places.

Taurus – (April 19 – May 19)

In February, you have no lack of enthusiasm or energy to make progress and win over those who appreciate your dynamism and entrepreneurial spirit. The climate is favorable to your achievements. It allows you to federate, please, and enjoy sharing moments likely to reinforce your assets. Mars gives you a lot of energy between the 7th and the 20th, and, from the 12th, Jupiter invites you to make plans. This is an excellent opportunity to forget about past inconveniences and project yourself with joy into a future that inspires you. Some stagnant exchanges will start again, calming your anxiety and re-launching the debates. Mars boosts your energy and assures you of a winning mentality at the end of the month.

You want to open up your future to your own ideas, and you gather partners for projects that will seduce and delight those around you. From the 18th, the Sun strengthens your support. In search of more freedom, you advocate a plan that is beginning to take shape. You wonder about the meaning you wish to give to your future, how you want to live your relationship, and your links with the outside world. At the end of the month, count on Venus to reconnect you to an inspiring life project.

Supported by those around you who like your ideas, you will manage your finances well. Count on Jupiter to get the funds you need to finance your ambitious projects. You benefit from the practical support of a group ready to accompany you. Do not hesitate to solicit goodwill and financial contributions. Rely on your willingness to push your limits and on your power of seduction to clear the way for imminent projects.

Count on buoyant energy and a supportive environment to make an impression. If negotiations are on the agenda, hang in there. If you want to move forward with a project that could free you up, be prepared to seize any opportunity to expand your horizons. You want to have enriching experiences that will bring your destiny more in line with your expectations and the evolution you have accomplished over time. Count on Mars (from the 20th) to boost your energies and ambitions.

Gemini – (May 20 – June 19)

Very busy with your career plan, you have conquering energy and high morale. After an anxious year, in February, you will benefit from the precious support of Jupiter, a major ally in the race for power and success. You have taken the time to question yourself about what has been motivating you since last year. You are now ready to mobilize yourself to respond to a request that emanates from the depths of your soul. This will encourage you, give you the energy and desire to fight for what inspires you, and believe in yourself and your destiny.

You are preoccupied with the efforts you need to make at work to achieve your ambitions and get what you want. Your sentimental aspirations are relegated to the background. Still, they will return to the forefront when you have completed your goals. Venus will adorn you with a magnetism that is likely to attract the attention of your loved one. If discussions about the evolution of your private life have been dragging on, they will start to flow more smoothly from the 4th onwards. At the end of the month, count on your determination and your sense of strategy to bring you closer to an ideal life that inspires you.

Take advantage of Jupiter’s positive influence on your career plan to ask for a raise, a promotion. You negotiate to your advantage at the beginning of the month. If last year your ambitions were frustrated, count on the energies of February to open up new fruitful avenues for you, even if money is not one of your current priorities. You have an ideal in your mind and heart to serve rather than a burning desire to fill your accounts, but one does not prevent the other.

Work is where the game is played in February. Jupiter favors your flights of fancy, and you can count on Mars to boost your energy and your thirst for evolution. This alchemy will pay off at the beginning of the month. Count on Mars to reinforce your conquering energies and move the situation forward by imposing your difference. During change, you mobilize your life forces to increase your chances of achieving your goals. Whether it is a life mission to fulfill, a cause to serve, you can only be interested in an ideal that inspires you. Count on strategic energy and a willingness to act from the heart to impact and score points.

Cancer – (June 20 – July 21)

Count on Jupiter to help you take flight. You’ll benefit from a powerful fuel to take on challenges and reach new heights in full possession of your means. You’re back to dynamism and enthusiasm you’ve forgotten for a while. You can count on Mars and Jupiter to make an impression. You have no lack of energy or charm this month! You propose to those around you to adhere to your projects, which will seduce and convince them with the strength of your ideas and the height of your vision. It will affect everyone.

Jupiter connects you to high ambitions, sentimental or professional, and you will use your power of conviction to convince others to believe in you and follow you. From the 18th, the Sun takes over. You aspire to take off in excellent company, to find the rare pearl. If Saturn forces you to deal with restrictions, you can count on Mars and Jupiter to breathe more freely. Venus favors tender exchanges, happy encounters, and your exchanges with others will flow more smoothly. Don’t hesitate to share your inspiring vision of the world and a future together with those you love or wish to embark on an adventure.

Jupiter has increased your income or expanded your knowledge. You are closing the Jupiterian loop, better off than before. Saturn may be drying up your bank account and thwarting your expansion plans. Still, Jupiter comes to the rescue and reconnects you to success. However, you seem to be more concerned with an ideal relay and partners to convince than with strictly material profit. But the one does not prevent the other. Nothing prevents your initiatives from also paying off.

You have no shortage of arguments to convince your superiors that you are competent and that your directives must be respected. This authoritarian tone is not displeasing if it is backed up by a real plan and personal ambitions, and concern for others. Despite a sensitive backdrop, you have the energy to open up a new field of possibilities in February. From the 4th onwards, you will find it easier to communicate with associates and partners. Take advantage of this newfound fluidity to re-launch debates and propose to your hierarchy a mission that goes beyond your personal interests. In short, sell the dream.

Leo – (July 22 – August 21)

You do not lack the energy to move forward, progress at a fast pace, and make the most of the movements underway. Jupiter is the active ferment of an evolution that meets your expectations: to change the way things work, to change your horizons. Count on the giant planet to offer you an excellent launching pad. You will find a margin of maneuver that will free you, you can act as you please, you will find a smile and exploit your ability to achieve your objectives at the end of the month.

Count on the influence of Jupiter to change what needs to be changed in your relationships. The benevolent planet will allow you to do so in the best possible conditions, towards an opening and a positive evolution of your emotional life. If your partner leaves you free to act as you wish, everything will be fine because you are unwilling to make concessions on the essentials. If minor stewardship problems short-circuited your daily life in January, you would regain a fluidity more favorable to exchanges from the 4th. Take advantage of this time to help guide your destiny. It is a question of giving meaning to your emotional life or your life in general.

Whether it’s a matter of earning more money through suitable investments, getting an annuity, a bonus, benefiting from a bequest, an inheritance, you flirt with abundance rather than deprivation. You do your best to be rewarded, to be offered career development. You also act to define a new life orientation that becomes more essential as time goes by. Your ideal is to increase your earnings, even to make a fortune.

Jupiter’s support will help you support your business and your associations and hope for a well-deserved return on investment. The beginning of this month is favorable to your expansion. You aspire to change your position, your job, even your life. Count on a context supporting your evolution to hasten your transformation and take your destiny in hand. Blockages will dissolve, and you will act more efficiently daily, managing your tasks without feeling hindered in your movements. At the end of the month, you feel guided towards a path more in line with your desires and the evolution you have accomplished.

Virgo – (Aug 22 – Sept 21)

Rather combative and bold, you impose yourself on the public scene and in your love affairs. Take advantage of your energy and magnetism to dare without giving others the feeling that they don’t have a say in the matter. You have no time to dawdle this month if you want to prove that you can be counted on and endorse your out-of-the-ordinary proposals. From the 4th onwards, you will find your room for maneuver. This is an opportunity to show what you are capable of and express your talents and feelings. Count on these more fluid currents to assert your will.

Jupiter invites you to get closer to those you love, to commit yourself. Count on Mars to endow you with boldness and even a thirst for conquest. It will help you convince the other to accede to your wishes, unite with you, or try an adventure together. You will learn from your reflections and make bolder choices with the desire to develop your emotional ties. You are no longer content with banal stories. You are looking for relationships that make a difference. If your emotional exchanges drag on, wait until the 4th, when the dialogue will start to flow more smoothly. Invest all your fighting energy in an ideal relationship that Venus will crown with success at the end of the month.

You will do everything to get yourself noticed and to be chosen. You have precious assets to make others collaborate with you in good associations. You seek to impress the gallery, to shake up mentalities so that your collaborations evolve. Your proposals please and bring you a lot. Whether it is in esteem, recognition, or admiration, you have every reason to be satisfied.

You spend a lot of energy imposing your style, methods, and desires on partners. You do not procrastinate, are determined to push your limits, surpass yourself, to provoke your professional entourage. With your audacity and ability to propose different projects, you score points. From the 4th onwards, re-launch the debate, defend your ideas, and express your creativity. You will have no difficulty seducing your partners and interlocutors who will become your admirers. Your charm and your striking force will work wonders.

Libra – (Sept 22 – Oct 21)

Your day-to-day life values your skills, and your ambition is to manage the family business to fit with your vision. You’re not lacking in energy or in the ability to stay in charge. You’re not afraid to run the family operation, and you leave your loved ones with little choice but to follow you. You are pretty happy with yourself, and you appreciate that exchanges will become more fluid from the 4th onwards. At the end of the month, rely on your apparent goodwill to contribute to the blossoming of your loved ones. Put your family life on the right track.

Your daily life is opening up! Whatever your priorities, you are taking advantage of a period of expansion to direct your private life so that it meets your expectations. Rely on your authority to give a new impetus to your exchanges with those around you. You want to free yourself from rules and constraints that limit your expression at home, within your couple, or your family. Opportunities are offered to you to find your place. At the end of the month, you can rely on your determination to reach a form of daily ideal, to clarify family life, so that harmony settles in and you can blossom without ambiguity.

Jupiter contributes to your professional development. You are gaining stature, finding a more exciting job, or joining a team that recognizes your talents. From there to be rewarded for your merits, it’s not far. Jupiter reinforces the everyday terrain with the possibility of being promoted and evolving in your activities. Whatever happens, you’ll get your money’s worth, whether it’s in cash or in contentment. Making a fortune is not your primary concern in February. Above all, you are looking to live in peace and harmony with those around you. You want to establish a fulfilling atmosphere in your family. Everything in its own time.

Jupiter allows you to broaden your skills, to serve with more responsibility the collective interest while putting your personal mark on it. Continue on this path. If you are spending your energies building your private life following your aspirations, count on Jupiter to improve your daily life and better manage the stewardship. Whether it is a raise, a more attractive, or a more remunerative job. However, continue collaborating, team up and share your fruitful inspirations with colleagues and associates. At the end of the month, you’ll be drawing on exalted creativity to serve the common cause.

Scorpio – (Oct 22 – Nov 20)

Determined, even offensive this month? Count on Mars to strengthen your entrepreneurial spirit. Charismatic, you impress the crowds with your dynamism which leads to success in love and business. Your entourage is impressed by your conquering energy. You can seduce anyone you want and get what you want. The sky of February reinforces your joy of living and your dynamism. You want to push the discussions and exchanges to the top, and you deploy a specific authority to achieve this.

Jupiter puts your love at the forefront and offers you the opportunity to keep the flame alive. If you are looking for a soul mate, open your heart. You will work with passion around the 4th to make your exchanges with the one you love more exciting, to live intense moments in love or with your children. Count also on Jupiter to exalt your creativity, make the relationship evolve, and change things. Suppose you aspire to find your soul mate, to live an ideal relationship. In that case, you express your aspirations with ardor, in communion with the other person (or even with your children).

Even if you are not thinking primarily of filling your bank account this month, count on the results of your initiatives and undertakings to influence your income upwards. Your foreseeable successes will help to swell your coffers. Even if this positive return is not your primary objective, your talents and merits will be rewarded. You seem to be more interested in expressing your gifts, feelings, and ideas than in increasing your income. There is a time for everything, and for the time being, you are more interested in the high realms of dreams than in money.

You use your exalted creativity with fervor. You defend your point of view with ardor, and Jupiter reinforces your shooting power. You will not go unnoticed. You will make an impression. You dream of expressing your talents while managing your work, your relationships with your colleagues, hierarchy, and associates in a more flexible way. You deploy arguments likely to convince others of the legitimacy of your demands in open and productive exchanges. You are inspired. Your determination, your offensive communication allow you to be heard.

Sagittarius – (Nov 21– Dec 20)

The atmosphere is favorable for your personal and family development. Take advantage of this to fill up on happiness and strengthen the bond between you and your loved ones. The situation favors your personal growth and supports your initiatives and requests. You are looking to lighten your schedule, manage more freely your stewardship, and evolve in a pleasant family atmosphere. You have all the assets to achieve this. Concentrating on your personal objectives, you will find the means to conclude financial negotiations to your advantage from the 4th.

It is your home, your family, that mobilizes your vital forces. Count on Jupiter and Mars to provide your loved ones with the ideal living conditions to flourish. You work at this with ardor and determination, and your efforts will pay off. You aspire to arrange your daily life to your liking and manage your schedule to offer you enough freedom to maneuver and fulfill yourself on a personal level. In February, you will benefit from flows that support your desires, and the cosmos seems to be conspiring for your happiness. You don’t skimp on the means to finance a real estate purchase or the beautification of your current world.

You are not sparing any efforts to strengthen your income, and you demand the reward of your talents and merits. You want to enjoy an environment that makes you feel secure. Use your energy to push for a raise or even a promotion. Count on Mars to give you more money, independence, and recognition so that you can live more comfortably with your family at your own pace. You will find the necessary funds to carry out a project that touches your private world. Mars gives you the determination to get your way and the money you need.

You are determined to make the most of your opportunities and make the most of your potential to improve your income and living conditions. Take advantage of the first two weeks to develop and express your talents to build your career or even create your own business. Mars boosts your desire to increase your financial income and manage your business as you see fit. If you are feeling too much pressure daily, ask for more autonomy! If your hierarchy is not responding to your needs, consider starting your own company. Financial matters finally take their course from the 4th. Your efforts are more focused on improving your private life than achieving your social ambitions.

Capricorn – (Dec 21 – Jan 19)

No one is stepping on your toes in February, and you’re putting out impressive energy. If you feel the pressure building, invest in a punching bag or expand your relationship with joyful escapades. Voluntary and seductive, count on Jupiter to communicate and seduce. You want to surpass yourself, to reconnect with a freedom that makes you smile. Mars endows you with beautiful energy, and Venus exalts your power of seduction. You’ll have a great time with people you care about.

In February, you will not go unnoticed. Offensive and charming, determined to impose your will on those around you, you can convince and seduce. Jupiter favors your radiance. Take advantage of it to enrich your address book. Venus adorns you with an irresistible aura, while Mars endows you with a beautiful tenacity to obtain what you covet and make your emotional life evolve. Jupiter transforms your relationships and gives them new life. Mars reinforces your energy and thirst for conquest while Venus endows you with an irresistible charm. This is the time to get out of the shadows and renew your ability to seduce. You can bewitch anyone you want at the end of the month.

You’ll be selling or monetizing your talents in February, and you’ll have no trouble convincing those around you that your abilities are worthy of a reward. Count on Jupiter to put forward arguments likely to trigger generosity. You are back to daring communication that has an effect. You want to surprise, to change things in love rather than amassing material wealth.

You have no lack of audacity or courage to make yourself heard. Rely on this exceptional strength to get your important messages across, assert your authority, and find new allies to support your initiatives. If you want to tint your activities with fantasy, humor, even provocation, count on Mars to be daring and Jupiter to get your messages across without worry. You will make an impression without antagonizing anyone. Stagnating exchanges will be re-launched more productively from the 4th onwards. At the end of the month, count on your fighting energy and undeniable charm to make an impression and score points.

Aquarius – (Jan 20 – Feb 17)

A fine strategist, you hold back your impulses to place yourself in the right place without rushing the movement. You find yourself in a certain euphoria that reinforces your morale and makes you want to accomplish feats. A frustrating period ends in February. Jupiter invites you to explore and develop your potentials, to energize the financial field. Keep control so that your horizons broaden and your life opens up in other ways, even elsewhere. You don’t take any decision lightly, in love or in business. Tune into your inner compass to keep a course that holds.

Your love life is not the focus of your attention in February. You still have the positive energies of Jupiter at your disposal to increase your income, develop your potential and discover other fields of experience. You are taking advantage of this good situation to make your move. You are completing a reflection phase concerning your emotional life, a return to yourself and your past to eliminate what no longer suits you. You are led to make quality choices, signify your priorities, and find the means to achieve them. Don’t be afraid to revisit the past as you benefit from the exercise. Connect with your intuition, your feelings to catch the right vibes that will lead you to make the right choices.

Since the end of December, Jupiter has supported you in your initiatives to increase your income and fully exploit your talents. From the 12th, you are rewarded for your efforts and patience and have the opportunity to earn more or invest in real estate. Whatever your desires, you want to break away from a way of life. You want to free yourself from a past that has plagued you. You are exploring other avenues, favoring activities that allow you to exploit your talents. Still, it is not profit that guides your quest but searching for a path that inspires you.

Sharpen your plans, don’t rush into anything, but prepare initiatives that quickly take shape. Jupiter favors the development of your talents and your economic expansion. Take advantage of February’s energies to prepare the ground that will take you far and high. Mars invites you to prepare for the future. Still, haste is detrimental to your plans, and you’d rather play strategic rather than be a bulldozer. You can count on a return on investment, a reward, and the possibility to invest a lot to change your life. At the end of the month, rely on your emotions and a well-channeled strike force to guide your steps and actions and ride the right wave.

Pisces – (Feb 18 – March 18)

Determined to get what you want, you lack neither strength nor enthusiasm to make an impression. Count on your unstoppable energy to move in the right direction, and people will stop putting obstacles in your way. As a result, you’ll find your fighting spirit and a high level of morale. Your head and heart are full of projects that you are burning to achieve, making you want to fight and get involved. Whatever happens, you have the opportunity in February to make your dreams come true and see your morale soar.

You feel more concerned with launching your projects than with your love life. You are mobilizing your forces to launch a new cycle of expansion. Jupiter favors your personal development, and you do not miss any opportunity to set the scene you like. You are coming out of a period where you felt alone in the world, and you can now count on effective celestial relays to reconnect and communicate more freely. Take advantage of this to make yourself heard and open a new chapter in your personal history. Exchanges gain in fluidity from the 4th. Count on beautiful energy at the end of the month to realize a dream. You have no lack of determination or inspiration to achieve it.

You’re looking to get into a new pattern of living and grow into it, not necessarily to make a fortune. Your main objective this month is to stay alert and open a new path in line with your needs. You are negotiating in this direction, even though you are more determined to grow personally than get rich. You are too romantic to worry about material matters; it is the dream that prevails over a very realistic view of the world.

Jupiter favors all initiatives designed to chart a new course, to launch a new life cycle. You can also count on Mars to stimulate you and give you the charisma to motivate your troops and make others want to team up with you. In February, you’re back in the game and taking power over your own destiny, which you wish to shape according to your own ideas. If negotiations concerning your future have been stalled since January, wait until the 4th to re-launch the debate. Your arguments will be better received and heard. At the end of the month, count on your strength and an ideal to reach your goals.