The March 2022 Horizons is now online, here are the horoscopes

March 2022

The March 2022 Horizons is now online at Click here for the March 2022 Horizons. Here are the horoscopes

ARIES – (March 19 – April 18)
Dynamic, enterprising, even passionate at the beginning of the month, you do not lack the fuel to accomplish what you have in mind. From the 20th onwards, the Sun will boost your energy and allow you to wait without losing power or morale. You express your originality and difference, and you get the necessary means, but beware of the damage if you go too far and are too directive. You deploy a great deal of energy to improve your social status but do not rush headlong into it. Combine strength and caution, intuition, firepower, and intuitive resources to move forward without overstepping the mark.  

You are burning to realize a project close to your heart. You will have the opportunity to do so from the 6th. Venus and Mars join forces to reinforce the processes intended to change things and approach what is coming with passion. From the 20th, the lights turn green. Take the time to look back for a moment and extract valuable lessons that will help you avoid repeating the same mistakes. If you have a project in mind, keep your feet on the ground so that people will want to follow you. Take the time to reconnect with your intuition to nourish the slightest initiative. Your emotional life will be back on track at the end of the month.

Suppose you remain reasonable in your expectations by combining passion and prudence. In that case, there is nothing to stop you from realizing your dreams and ambitions but keep a balance between helpful spending and futile excesses. Channel your demands to avoid ending the month in conflict with everyone else. You are setting up a new life direction, and Jupiter is bringing your material ambitions back into focus.

You are invested in a project that you are ready to start. You can count on great combative energy and crazy charisma to rally the votes around your plans. If you have the support of some people who, behind the scenes, are defending your interests, and your goals are on track, then beware of rushing into things. It could create tension between you and those in power. Keep a responsible attitude to avoid conflicts, even if you are determined to orient your professional life differently and if you spend your energy to change things. For now, your interventions are more under the radar than in the light. In March, it’s a matter of preparing for what comes next.

Taurus – (April 19 – May 19)

Determined to get what you want and to make your plans a reality, this month, you have the confidence and seductiveness to make an impression on the world around you (the 6th). From the 20th onwards, take a break to rest and reflect rather than act. Rather dynamic, enthusiastic, and offensive, you may find it difficult to channel your desire to operate freely at the end of the month, and you may become irritated. If you project yourself into an ideal future, you will support your dreams based on a more profound (even spiritual) vision of the world and your place in the universe. Your plans are based on solid thinking, so anything is possible.

You have an indisputable charm and a recognized authority. You will use this to get your message across and encourage those around you to love and follow you (on the 6th). From the 20th onwards, take a step back from events to learn from the past. Jupiter invites you to make plans, and you will not lack arguments to rally support for your projects. You aspire to live stories that transform your world’s vision, contribute to your personal evolution, and assert your demands. You dream aloud of a future that inspires you.

You will benefit from the active support (material, emotional, financial) of those around you who will be won over by your plans. If you do not lack support or the means to implement the projects you have in mind, avoid taking everything for granted, at the risk of someone wanting to cut you off. Money is not the subject that holds your attention until the end of the month when Jupiter reinforces your projects and generates situations that help you morally and materially.

You stand up for your values and shine in society. Use your strength and charm to put forward your ideas and projects that you have worked out to manage your life with maximum autonomy. You are an active campaigner and use as much charm as offensive arguments to change things. Your ambitions are grand, and your dreams are immense. You involve colleagues, associates, and hierarchy in your universe.

Gemini – (May 20 – June 19)

Nothing stops you; you have the strength to achieve your goals by showing that you are the right person, no matter what obstacles you encounter. An aura of winning plays in your favor. Jupiter favors your ascension. Enthusiastic, determined, you are in an excellent position to succeed in your endeavors. Don’t overdo it. At the risk of attracting unnecessary enmity, stay modest. Rely on your ability to evolve to transform your life. You currently have the means and the desire to do so.

Venus invites you to raise your standards. You want to develop your current relationship or find the person who will satisfy your desire to live a beautiful story. From the 20th onwards, you are looking to the future and carrying out a project that is close to your heart. The sky is shining on you. Stay open to dialogue, don’t impose your wishes on someone who doesn’t appreciate them, don’t provoke a conflict, even if your relationship takes a passionate turn. In search of an ideal, you aspire to merge with the other person and transform your stories so that they resemble what you hope for.

If your goal doesn’t seem to be financial in March, you are in an excellent position to claim the reward for your efforts from those who distribute the money. You are rewarded for your efforts and rise in rank with a raise, but avoid thinking you are stronger than others. More than fortune, it is an ideal that you wish to reach: a transformation (personal, relational) to be carried out. Wait for Jupiter to move on to more tangible things.

You work with drive, determination, and the ambition to excel. You spare no effort in imposing your ideas and methods. You use your charm to persuade your superiors that you are up to their expectations. From the 20th onwards, it’s time for big projects. You have significant cosmic advantages to impose yourself on a hierarchy that appreciates your talents but is less fond of your abuse of authority than it sees as arrogance. You aspire to realize a dream, to serve a cause, and you invest yourself with ardor in the pursuit of your objectives with the help of Jupiter, who favors your ascension.

Cancer – (June 20 – July 21)

You are thrilled at the beginning of the month, strengthened by the combined energies of Venus and Mars. Still, in love or business, your impatience and self-confidence are bad advisors. Try to channel your ambitions and desires so that they do not interfere with your current expansion. Highly inspired and eager to embody your aspirations, you connect others to the same wavelength. This will be your favorite occupation in March.

Venus and Mars will set your senses and sensuality on fire from the 6th. The two planets: your feminine side Venus and the yang side, join forces to raise the temperature. Take advantage of this to rekindle the flame with the one you love, or use your ardor to bewitch whoever you please. Jupiter will open up avenues for you and your ambitions. Still, tensions will arise if you believe you have the right to impose your desires on the other. Your relationships and exchanges are tinged with passion. You can get closer to some form of ideal.

If financial problems are not resolved, you will speed up getting your way, but use strategy rather than stirring up trouble. In March, you will be greedy when, if your aspirations seem to be on the right track, your demands (financial, among others) will put some people off. They will find your steps too aggressive and try to thwart them. You aspire to realize a dream, not necessarily to make a fortune. But obviously, one does not prevent the other.

Jupiter has opened doors for you. In March, you hope for more associations or partnerships on which you will put the pressure. From the 20th onwards, it’s no longer a question of going unnoticed but rather of shining in the spotlight. Of course, Jupiter favors realizing your ambitions but beware of what you say and do. Your audacity may shock, your demands may frighten those who hold power and the money. You assert your ambitions and needs by showing authenticity and determination. People want to believe in your dreams and follow you.

Leo – (July 22 – August 21)

Lively and determined to persuade those around you that they can trust you, it will be hard to resist the pressure you exert on the community. Still, they will let you say and do. Your world is evolving, and the situation is activating levers favorable to metamorphosis. You are trying to calm yourself down because excesses are to be banished. Focused on your work, you will not think of distracting yourself. You will imagine your new destiny.

Count on Venus to energize your exchanges around the 6th. The relationship with your partner takes a passionate turn. Take advantage of these intense flows to make the bond evolve. From the 20th onwards, the Sun invites you to raise the debate, even if you seem to be focused on your career plan. Avoid raising your voice and take a step towards the other. You invest yourself in improving your daily life, living conditions, and those of your loved ones and reach a form of ideal. Focus on change to guide your destiny, your inspiration peaks, and you serve the common cause.

Jupiter has helped to strengthen your hidden income (inheritance, return on investment, annuity, etc.). All you have to do is consolidate your recent successes and invest your money well. Jupiter tends to favor investments, so negotiate strategically rather than raise your voice. The path to something other than your income holds your attention in March.

If your relationship with colleagues or management has changed recently, you mobilize to boost your exchanges. You convince the other person that your proposals are the best. Your arguments are as firm as they are diplomatic, and you’ll get everyone on your side. Uranus is shaking up your professional world and activating your desire to free yourself from operations you can no longer stand. Jupiter is causing events likely to favor novelty. Don’t attack anyone, even if you need to take your anger out on someone. Invested in your work, you think collectively. If you wish to develop your activity, you will have the opportunity to do so. Certain events are likely to change things.

Virgo – (Aug 22 – Sept 21)

You work hard without putting yourself forward, but that doesn’t stop you from being noticed and appreciated for what you do. If the heavens favor alliances, it’s up to you to make it work. On the other hand, if you assert yourself and try to stand out, beware of the backlash. In March, you can bewitch anyone you want thanks to your ability to touch the other person in what they are most sensitive to. This talent allows you to please, both in love and in business.

You are mobilized to work in the interest of all. Count on Mars and Venus from the 6th to encourage you to work with zeal and dedication for others. From the 20th, if you feel that your relationships need to evolve, do not hesitate to change things. You can forge a cooperative bond with your partner by listening to each other and being willing to commit. It would be a pity to compromise such a beautiful agreement by imposing your behavior that is not unanimously agreed upon. You are in a passionate mood, in a relationship, or you meet someone who matches your criteria.

You are more involved in the growth of your business than in your personal interest. Your commitments are very advantageous to you, so avoid confusing promising situations. You risk alienating your partners if you impose your out-of-the-ordinary ideas and methods on them. You can hope to make some material profit from your commitments as Jupiter makes them concrete and official.

You are most likely to make a good impression on your colleagues, superiors, and interlocutors by displaying a willingness to support the joint effort. From the 20th onwards, to negotiate or change your status, you should rely on strategy, listening, dialogue, and consensus rather than displaying methods that will alienate your interlocutors. Attract the attention of those who want to team up with you. You convince your partners that your idea is the right one and that they should believe you and follow you.

Libra – (Sept 22 – Oct 21)

There is no question of going unnoticed in March. Your charm and power impress the crowds. You’ll come out of the shadows and get noticed. From the 20th onwards, you are not the center of the world, your needs are pressing, and you find it difficult to be satisfied with reality. However, this is what you need to do to finish the month well. You will try to understand what is weakening your family bonds to solve problems and strengthen the ranks in harmony.

Your charm is working from the 6th but use it with moderation. Especially if it is a question of influencing the other person who will give in to your slightest whims with delight if they share your aspirations. From the 20th onwards, take a step towards the other person who appreciates that you are listening to him. You feel a form of antagonism between your thirst for love and the desire to free yourself from too fusional and reductive bonds. Be careful not to get out of hand and do not display an aggressive attitude that will not please. Your family ties are evolving in an emotionally intense atmosphere. Certain sensitive subjects are being discussed without escape, and you benefit from a favorable climate to decipher them. You want to harmonize your ties and your exchanges.

You are attracted to all that glitters at the beginning of the month, and you will glean an advantage (a raise) that will reward your talents with dignity. Don’t be afraid to boast about your merits. Jupiter favors your material expansion. Count on the benevolent planet to improve the ordinary and find new ways to prosper. But don’t demand too much. Stay in tune with your material life. You are focused on your inner world and your family unit until then.

Creative and eager to show it, you are getting noticed positively. From the 20th onwards, rely on listening and cooperation to strengthen your business and evolve by relying on team spirit. Jupiter will serve your interests by opening new doors or by making you benefit from fulfilling working conditions. It would be a shame to spoil these good vibes by offending those around you. You are preoccupied with the resolution of family problems. You aspire to improve your living conditions. You are waiting for the end of the month and the support of Jupiter from the 26th to benefit from opportunities to progress in your activity.

Scorpio – (Oct 22 – Nov 20)

You are determined that all should go well at home. You are eager to avoid any turmoil or conflict, so rely on your ability to combine firmness and gentleness (on the 6th) to put your family life on the right track. Jupiter is galvanizing you both in love and professionally. You lack neither energy nor enthusiasm to draw attention to yourself. There’s no risk of a downturn in morale if you keep your family together. You don’t have to do much to get everyone on your side, but you don’t argue lightly. You can expect a perfect balance between heightened sensitivity and reason.

From the 6th onwards, Venus and Mars will take over your private and family life. You will take advantage of Venus’ soothing influence to smooth things over and find compromises in your family. From the 20th onwards, you will have to manage your finances as best you can. If Jupiter reinforces your magnetism and your thirst for love, it also endows you with an irresistible aura. Rely on these golden assets to rekindle or ignite the heart of someone you like. On the other hand, if sensitive issues need to be addressed, rely on your assertive communication and empathy to do so.

In March, money is not your priority; you spend more energy managing family ties than earning money. Business will pick up from the 20th on, even if your main objective is to manage the ordinary. Gifted and charismatic, you attract frank successes that pay off handsomely. But it is the recognition of your talents that touches you the most. If material recognition is added to it, you will be delighted, even if it is not your main objective.

You are more focused on your personal life than on your work. From the 20th onwards, however, you go about your business and take responsibility. The daily grind demands that you be present, and there’s no question of deviating from its demands. Brilliant, talented, and appreciated, you do not lack the potential and charm to transform your interlocutors and admirers. Take advantage of your radiance to extend your influence and strengthen your recent alliances or commitments. You seduce your interlocutors. Your talents fascinate as much as your bewitching charm operates. Take advantage of it.

Sagittarius – (Nov 21– Dec 20)

Quick to communicate and eager to be heard, you combine authority with charm to keep the dialogue open in your closest circle. At the end of the month, you gain visibility and prestige. Suppose you can count on a cosmic backdrop to support your personal and emotional development in March. In that case, you may lack diplomacy, and exchanges may become heated. Inspired by a dream that you wish to realize and which concerns your emotional or family development, you put all the chances on your side by exploiting your potentials to improve, embellish your environment, and blossom as you wish

You can count on Venus to soften your words, smooth out the edges in your family, solicit the attention of those around you, and make yourself heard. From the 20th onwards, you will enjoy the vertigo of love. Endowed with irresistible charisma, you improve your living conditions and your entourage’s. If you have many assets to achieve this, don’t shy away from dialogue, don’t impose on anyone. You are struggling to obtain the means to improve your family life, your environment towards an ideal you seem to be touching.

In March, you will be looking for ways to convince or charm. If you have negotiations in progress, you will lead them with a master’s hand. If they concern financial opportunities, you will direct them to your advantage. You’d rather negotiate than try to win by imposing your rules. You gain nothing by doing so, except to tense the exchanges, at the risk of compromising the outcome. You will not give up anything to increase your income. Rely on what you have developed recently to improve your skills and, by extension, your income.

Unless you have a private practice or small business to run, you are more involved in family matters than business in March. Note, however, that from the 20th onward, the Sun strengthens your potential and promotes your self-improvement. This is the time to show what you are capable of. In search of more freedom and autonomy in your work, you would like to change jobs and manage your activity and your schedule more to your liking. If your aspirations seem legitimate, be sure to formulate them courteously. You are putting your talents forward, and you can get the proper reward because you show what you are capable of.

Capricorn – (Dec 21 – Jan 19)

Determined to make the most of your merits, you display an unfailing dynamism, making an impression. You combine charm and audacity, and people don’t resist your requests for long. Rather audacious, even bold, you appreciate being admired and fulfilled in your desires. Beware, however, of overzealousness, voracious appetites, or a desire for power that turns against you and attracts criticism. You will not be afraid to go out of your way in March to prove your effectiveness and your worthiness to be pushed up. You deploy your talents. You put yourself in the spotlight.

You are having difficulty keeping your instincts quiet, as they urge you to devour life and claim your share. Count on Venus to express your desires without excess to remain acceptable to the other. From the 20th on, you will pay the most attention to your family. Until the 26th, Jupiter increases your radiance and gives you an irresistible aura. You communicate and express originality that contributes to making you noticed and loved.

This is the area where you are most offensive in March. Aware of your value, you mobilize so what you bring to the company is taken into account, and you are rewarded. You are thirsty for power, and you want to be recognized for your merits, but your demands are excessive for those who have the money. Be careful not to burn yourself out if you have trouble containing your appetites. You are connected to a dream you want to make real and share.

You demand what you think you deserve. You don’t hesitate to sound the alarm, whether it’s social recognition or a financial reward for your merits. And since you are highlighting your potential, you have every chance of getting a positive response. If you are the champion of communication at the moment and know how to rally people around your original proposals, don’t think that your talents and your ability to surprise your interlocutors exempt you from respecting specific codes. Do not demand that people follow you without reservation and without nuance. You are decided to embody an ideal. You talk about it, and you find the words to bewitch your interlocutors and make them want to support you. An excellent opportunity to bounce back on a project that you now wish to carry.

Aquarius – (Jan 20 – Feb 17)

You’re surfing on a flow of expansion (financial, among others). This will smile on your face in March when nothing and no one will stop you in your tracks. Suppose you have a lot to be happy about, and you can blossom on the material level. In that case, it is on the intimate level that you must be wary of your tendency to direct everything and everyone. Make the concessions you need to avoid conflicts. You’re bubbling inside, but you’re not expressing your emotions enough. To channel your restlessness productively, use your intuitive resources, proving to be good advisors this month.

From the 6th onwards, you will not go unnoticed as Venus and Mars work to put you in the spotlight. Use your irresistible aura to dazzle whoever you want, especially whoever you like. From the 20th, the Sun favors exchanges. It’s an ideal month for forging ties or strengthening your ranks. But, determined to prosper financially, you have little time to devote to your emotional life, which takes second place. However, Venus and Mars form a magnetic duo that should not be abused to put pressure on those around you. Take a step back and take stock of your love life without any concessions to identify what is weighing you down and pushing you to repeat the same mistakes. You need to sort out what is essential and what is superfluous.

You have enjoyed opportunities to develop your abilities this winter that is paying off handsomely. In March, you display contentment that reflects your recent good fortune. You have openings in this area. Potentials you develop or activities that pay off more. Until the 26th, count on Jupiter to strengthen your income and support you financially. If you have financial ambitions in mind, you will receive support from Jupiter. This is an opportunity to develop your potential and strengthen your income.

Jupiter has opened up areas that allow you to exploit your potential and boost your income. In March, rely on your radiance to make an impression. From the 20th onwards, the Sun has given you a keen sense of communication. This is the right time to continue to rally people around your ideas. You continue to surf on prosperous streams that allow you to improve your living conditions, and you can count on Jupiter to guarantee your investments.

Pisces – (Feb 18 – March 18)

You are acting undercover, and your patience is being tested. Yet this is the best way to manage your daily life, prepare for the future, and put it on the right track. Try to remain zen and channel your energy, waiting to be expressed. If you are aware of your influence on those around you, try not to abuse these assets at the risk of transforming them into counterproductive energy. Cultivate your image without trying to lead everyone. Both dreamer and determined to turn dreams into reality, you keep your eyes fixed on your goals. Thanks to the path you have taken, you can now bring your projects to fruition. Rely on an ideal to set the course in March.

Take the time to look back on the past and avoid judging yourself by taking a tender look at specific experiences that may have hurt you and made you doubt. You should approach your emotional life with a greater awareness of what you need and what you should avoid. This is an opportunity for you to shine and seduce if you do not disturb such a promising frequency by sending ambiguous, even aggressive messages to a surprised and reactive environment. Your speeches are fiery, exchanges intense, and emotions are on the verge of breaking through as you aspire to make a life ideal come true.

In March, you’ll be thinking about adjusting your moves so that you’ll soon step out of the shadows and go for it. If your goals are to get rich, establish a strategy, make sure you have your back, take the time to think about your investments or expenses, but don’t covet the whole world. A particular hidden desire to impose your rules and ways will harm you and turn against you and your interests.

Take the time to refine your plans and strategies, restrain your impulses, control your emotions to take action, and go for it in full possession of your means. From the 20th on, you will deploy all your potential to claim its just reward. If Jupiter favors the promotion of your talents and your charismatic personality, avoid any form of intervention that could be interpreted as contrary to the collective interest. In search of a future that you want to be different, the result of a long and demanding journey towards the life you now want to lead. More than a new job, it is a life project that obsesses you and begins to take shape.