Sisters Of The Circle, a free online inner retreat site

A friend wanted to do some real soul searching on her own and I sent her to this free site of mine Sisters Of The Circle, a free online inner retreat siteHow can I best discover what I am here for and what work might be mine to do?  How do our lives  – yours and mine – twine together, how do we fit into each other’s purpose and mission, if we do? I’ve discovered a lot of tips and tricks along the way, many gleaned from insights received during my own personal spiritual development retreats.

I created the website  after one long email session with a favorite sister years ago.  She didn’t have much time to get out and about, but wanted to do some serious soul searching and asked me for guidelines for doing it solo.  I know that whatever I am going through, whatever my friends are going through, is also what a lot of other people are going through as well.  That’s why I write about what helps me, and so it was just natural to create a website for it.  And it’s free.