My Full Moon Saturday, Pruning by the Moon Phase, The Perfect Time to Place the Craigslist Ad For Best Response

Spanish Needle

It feels like a holiday weekend.  Most holidays are busy days for my work.  For the most part, my work is not one I need to have a vacation from. A holiday to me simply means I get a day off from making a bank and post office run. I began Saturday filled with the full moon energy, fertile and nurturing, buying tomato cages and repotting everything with potting soil. As I watered, I began pulling grass and weeds that had encroached into the mulched bedding areas.  Some weeds I keep, such as the important Spanish Needle.  The bees love them, and they have medicinal qualities.   I pulled up all of the garden bricks I’d edged the new saplings with last year, and used them to line a walkway.  

I make my walkways by planting rows of trees and plants which zig zag you into the yard without the view being visible from the street.  I do not use stepping stones, rather I let the grass wear down naturally as I walk the path each day. It’s like a hidden pathway I don’t realize is there until I’m halfway down it.  Kind of like Life.

I can get blissfully lost for hours in my yard, on my knees, hand pulling weeds, removing half buried bricks and relocating them, digging into the ground to stimulate the root systems, tapping on the trunks of the saplings to wake up the chi in them.  I can tell I’m in the flow when I can feel their response and pleasure at my touch and proximity.  I can tell when I’m in their energy field, in their aura, and when I’m in it, I can understand what they are communicating.  They are as alive and conscious as we are. They love to thrive and bloom for us, to show us their beauty, to show their appreciation at our admiration.  

I prune by the moon phase, so I prune anytime from 12 hours after full moon until the last quarter, 7 days later.  Energetically, there is a peaking of electromagnetic energy in all living things at the time of the full moon, and then a slow withdrawal of energy for the next two weeks, as the moon wanes.  This is when the sap flows downwards into the roots.  The best time for pruning is that first week after full moon. 

I know every plant’s face, as I’d know the face of a child, I see the slightest new growth, the most tiny, tender new leaves.  The evening walk shows me the growth of the daytime, the morning walk shows me the overnight growth.   At this time of year, there will be continual visible growth according to how often I water.  I gathered some honeysuckle cuttings and potted them, and planted some red and yellow pepper seeds.  I was surprised at how quickly the day flew and delighted at how satisfied I felt at the end of it. Perfect synchronicity is that  galpal Katie stopped by at the exact moment I was done and we had the best visit ever.  We always do. 

From the feeling place of that happy day, I Placed My Craigslist Rental Ad.   I know that way  I’ll get a good result.  I always do.  Had I placed the ad with thoughts of “oh, yikes what will I do now?” my doubt and concern would introduce resistance into the mix. That’s why I strive to get everything done ahead of time – gather my info, create my ad, find pics to upload – yet hold off on the actual posting of the info and tweaking of the ad, until I am in a happy and hopeful and uplifted state of mind.  Like at the end of an awesome day of playing in the yard and visiting with a fave pal.  Like right now.  Because that will affect what I attract to me as I place the ad.

What I attract is always my karma, and I can make it good and I can make it bad. It’s a control freak’s dream: I can control how much good goes forth from me. I can control how much of my past I make peace with.  When I do those huge things, all sorts of good will come back to me – yes, in simple ways like awesome tenants every time.  Like coworkers who stop being grumpy and are once again fun to be with.  Like that lawsuit being dismissed.  Like the perfect souffle the first try.  Like that parking spot exactly where you want it when you arrive. Every time. Every time. And that’s the idea.  Imagine that.  No, really, imagine that.

UPDATE: Six hours after typing this, I found the perfect new tenants for the rental home –> And THIS is how we manifest with vibrational matching