Modern medicine is amazing, prayer works and miracles happen every day. This is how we change a thoughtform.

living room altar 1-07 72I’m often asked to pray for friends and have a healing bench here where I do that daily.  It’s important to remember that modern medicine is amazing, especially in cancer treatment. Anything is possible. Miracle cures happen every day. Prayer works. The belief and expectation of everyone the patient knows can uplift them to a place of happiness and comfort. Holding thoughts or recalling them being well and active and laughing will go a long way in changing the current consciousness of those who think about their condition, for them and for others with it as well.  When the thoughtform changes, the situation changes. This is how we change a thoughtform. A few with focused intent in the direction of a positive outcome is more powerful than a million with scattered thoughts and no intention. We can each perform miracles as we uplift each other and remind ourselves who we really are and what is really possible.

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