Tomato cages and repotting everything with potting soil

Tomato cages was my first thought this morning when I awoke, full of last night’s full moon energy. I’ve been putting in the hanging herb and veggie garden and realized the tomatoes were growing too quickly to keep in the hanging baskets.  I began the day with a run to Walmart for tomato cages then came back and repotted my 2 tomato plants in gallon buckets with the cages.  In this pic, the tomatoes are on either side, and the hanging coconut husk baskets are filled with thai basil, bee balm, peppermint and peppers, suspended on a length of bamboo between two shepherd’s hooks. You can see my line of loquat saplings behind, and my rosemary bush. My back is to the street, this is my only sunny spot for veggies!  This way, as the sun moves, I can keep the tomatoes in as much full sun as they need.  Most of my yard is under deep shade, which I love. That lets me keep windows open much of the year.  Life is good.