Pulling dollars out of “nowhere,” Dollars waiting in vibrational escrow, Synchronicities at play

Yesterday they delivered the May 2010 edition of Horizons Magazine, and that’s typically a high dollar day for me.  I pay the printer today, and I also pay the post office for the 100+ stacks of magazines I mail to locations where I have no driver.  Postage averages about $360 for this mailing, and I usually give the post office a check for $400, to keep a credit with them. I was about down to the wire in the checking account when I went into the post office.  It was one of those days when I am literally walking right up to the counter to pay for something that, two steps away, I’m not sure where the funds are going to come from.  Last minute for real.  To my delight, I had so much credit in my account that I did not have to write them a check.  I love when that happens! Like last week, my tax refund was direct deposited into my account, again a time I thought I was down to the wire.  So once again, when I thought I was low on funds, I really had all I needed stored up for me, kind of like what Abraham-Hicks calls “vibrational escrow”.

I’d checked to see why the bank balance was so low, and realized that when I made my big purchase of tires and my aunt’s plumbing work last month and paid cash, I should have asked for 90 days same as cash.  I always do that; I have no idea why I didn’t this time.  I made a few extra donations to help out friends, but that’s always worth doing.  That counts as an investment; that’s how I look at it and I know it comes back to me.  Thinking that better feeling thought helps me release my resistance to sharing, so I can attract more money..

As I was doing the happy dance over not having to write a $400 check to the post office, I realized I was downtown and two clients probably had payments I could pick up.  I was right on both counts. Thinking the better feeling thoughts about money was already, on the spot, helping me attract more money.

One client interestingly paid in cash this time, and with one dollar bills (…I didn’t ask).  But that was okay, I deposit everything anyway.  On the way to the bank, I realized I was in front of Jerky’s Jamaican, a friend’s business, it was lunchtime and I’ll bet she could use the ones.  I was right, she laughed as she knew I was sent to her!  She traded me the ones for $20 dollar bills and I was once again on my merry way.

So did Spirit orchestrate all that just so I could take Dawn some one dollar bills at lunchtime? Here I thought it was all for my benefit and it may well have been instead for hers.  But heck if we’re really All One, what I do for you is done for me as well.  What benefits you, benefits me.  What benefits me, benefits you.

Knowing this goes a long way in keeping the dollars flowing, and a long way in teaching me how to treat people.  For real.  It also helps remind me that the times I think I am without something, I am so NOT without at all.  I’m surrounded by it.

That’s a good reminder.

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