Reading Seth has activated my dreams

I have been reading some Seth and talking with galpal Sally Carmany about Seth and dreams, so I’ve been asking to remember dreams at night and am writing them down. I slept most of the night, off and on until 6:20am, on the couch and wanted to have a few hours in my bed for more dream opportunities and to do some visualization.   Here’s the dream I had:  I’m in the halls of a big, big office building. Looking for where the bathrooms are located on the floor.  One office has lot of equipment piled up outside and I get the impression they are letting a lot people go and this might be their last day. I don’t want to disturb them by asking at their door, and just then the door opens. Out come 2 women, one walking carrying boxes and the other in a very large and tall wheelchair, way high off the floor so she is maybe a foot taller than me. But as I get closer, I see we’re about eye level. They are just going across the hall to another office and I see they have the door (not needing my help with it) so I continue on down the hall.   

Then I’m in a line of maybe 4-5 others in a domestic kitchen and we are at the stove taking portions from two pots. There are 2 steps to the “dish” we are taking servings of. The pots are not large, the size of my medium size pots, and it looks like maybe mashed potatoes, but then a soft boiled egg is like “erupting” from within the pile of potatoes.  So the idea is you make a depression in the potatoes in our bowls to get ready for the egg. Atop the potatoes is a hot lemon soup that came from a can and is supposed to be a popular, good sauce.  Some of the eggs break as they are erupting, and the yolk runs out. One of the potatoes has 3 eggs erupting at a time, and I wonder how they will separate them.  A soft boiled egg falls on the floor and rolls in the “sand” and I think, “I’ll take that one since no one else will want it, and I can run it under hot water to clean off the sand and ‘cook” it a little more.”

Then Pam Huddleston (attorney acquaintence in town) and I are tidying up the kitchen afterward and she is vacuuming. I realize we are about the become roommates, and she will move in with me. I wonder how that will work with someone living in my space. I want to mention “Let’s do a 3 month trial first,” but she is talking about something else and I don’t want to interrupt her.

The phone rings and wakes me up: Bugs Malone Pest Control is coming tomorrow morning.

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