Psychic Readings and Channellings from the Astral Plane

Many psychics and channellers read the astral plane, so when they give you info, that’s usually where it’s coming from.  That’s often how they can pull out of your mind a thought you’ve been having.  That’s also why they are so often wrong with their predictions.  Think of the astral plane as the next thought-plane up from our awakened plane of consciousness.  What does that mean?  That means that every thought and feeling  — and thoughts about feelings — that everyone on the planet has gets deposited in there, good, bad, indifferent, as well as our dreams, fantasies, wishes, visualizations, recollections.  So when we have an intuitive thought or feeling, this is the database we encounter.

To the extent you (or a psychic reader) are free of emotional and mental distraction, to that extent are you able to get beyond the astral plane and get to where the valuable, unbiased information is.  Several friends have asked me what I think about the Matthew messages and many other popular channellers.  I tell them that astral channelling isn’t my thing. As a psychic medium, I’ve done the work for enough years to know the difference between a lower level astral plane entity or reflection, and I take it as it is, simply another opinion.  I’m just not into hearing the opinions of others, dead or alive, on topics I know they don’t have a real grasp of.  In the case of an astral reflection, that happens when, as in the case of say Jesus Christ or Michael the Archangel, when so many people think a thought so repeatedly that it becomes a thoughtform – then everyone else’s thoughts are added to the form.  So someone may think Jesus or Michael has come to give them a message, when in reality they are tapping into the yearning and tangled thoughts of everyone who ever thought about Jesus or Michael.  That’s why so many people “get’ the same message at the same time.  They are tapping into the same thought form.  That’s also why entire groups of people can be wrong about something.  Such as the Heaven’s Gate Hale Bopp event of 1997.

That’s not to say there’s not good and helpful information to be found on the astral plane.  It’s like a big library which records every occurring thought, word, and action, sometimes called the akashic records, or the collective consciousness.  Some of the “writers” in this library know what they are talking about, some don’t .  And just as in real life, some just make stuff up to fool with other people’s minds.

How do you know whether you are tapped into the astral plane or have accessed a deeper truth?  You let the information speak for itself.  If it is critical of anything or anyone, it’s astral.  Period.  If it warns you against anything, it’s astral.  If it says this is good and this is bad, it’s astral.  A clear sign is if it goes into a lot of flowery text that is unduly complex, with unexplained references to abstract ideas, i.e. the dark ones, the web of control, weather manipulation and parallel dimensional activity.

Again, I’m just not into hearing the opinions of others, dead or alive, on topics they show they have a limited grasp of and which has an agenda to propel me away from a situation.  Or toward buying anyone’s products or services.

So when you are having a psychic reading, be aware what is at work behind it.  If you’re meditating on a topic, stay at it long enough to get past the surface waves of astral info and dive deep for the pearls that lie in deeper contemplative waters.  And the way to become very psychic and intuitive yourself, so you are able to venture into the deeper realms, is to become emotionally free of attachment to outcome, and train yourself to discipline your thoughts so they are 100 less filters you have to wade through on your way to accurate and valuable information.

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